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    Qadha salah and story of Yusuf (AS) and Zoleikha

    Assalamu alaikym brothers and sisters I hope all of you are well and in good health :) Long time I have not been on this site, I must say it feels good to be back :D I have two questions and I need help to find out the answers 1) Firstly I wanted to ask regarding the qadha salahs, I remember...
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    :salam2: I hope most of you are not getting annyoyed because I keep asking you for duaaz, Im will be inshallah getting my GCSE results tomorrow, plz I beg you all make duaa to allah that I will achieve high grades inshallah, I really want A*s for my English literature, English language...
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    being united in the hereafter?

    :salam2: Once again I have another question, once again I need your help I was wondering, to stay single for the rest of my life, actually not wondering Ive made up my mind that I will, cuz there was this guy I liked, but its impossible for us to be together cuz of many obstacle (culture...
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    online love

    :salam2: I have been researching about love relationship for a year now, and I still cant find the answer about online love, I found out information about normal love relationship where the boy and girl can have physical contact and are together. But this is different, I was in relationship...
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    Assalmu alaikum borthers ans sisters this is my second time on this site, I'm not really used to this site so I dont know if I should be posting this on this thread. But I just wanted to ask everyone please make duaa for me. I have my maths exam tomorrow, and I am really nervous and scared...
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    introducing myself, and duaa request

    :salam2: Sisters and brothers This is my first time on this forum, my name is Tamana and inshallah I am going to finish high school in two weeks time (cant wait!), I love science and English literature, and hoping to be a dentist in the future inshallah. I have my gcse exams currently, so I am...