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  1. khangul

    How could something be hidden from us like that?

    :salam2: Amazing recitation by blind Abu Hafsah Abdul Malik Clare lgwJMjaO1io&feature=g-all-lik&context=G2f8ccd4FAAAAAAAAAAA
  2. khangul

    Video For sister SAKEENA.

    :salam2: Dear sister SAKEENA I know you dont know much about me but I know and read all your posts and also know that what are you passing through today.I would like to dadicate this video to you sister.sorry for using your pink) QsAVcJXvrCU...
  3. khangul

    Best way to memorize Quran

    :salam2: I hope all my tti family is in good health and eeman.I found this very useful video for my brothers and sisters who want to memorize Quran. G25_FDY1UDg
  4. khangul

    Crime of Shia (Rafizi)

    :salam2: I hope all my brother are in good health and eeman.I want to share a video about the crimes os shia rafidhies. M9i3rFqtQCo&feature=feedu
  5. khangul

    God: Fairytale or Truth? - Debate

    :salam2: here is the debate between brother Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Dr Lars Gule lu8rdspMFJ8&feature=feedu
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    Need biography video and lectures of famous scholars.

    :salam2: I hope my brothers and sister are in good health and sound eeman. As you read the title i need videos and lectures of famous scholars of Islam , I have few names in my mind like imam bukhari , imam malik , imam ahmad ibne hanbal imam abu hanifa , imam ibne...
  7. khangul

    who are the Bahai,s ???

    :salam2: brothers and sisters I heard a new sect called "THE BAHAI,s , who are they and what is their ideology and their beliefs?? jazaakumullaho khairan katheer.
  8. khangul

    Is it allowed for a muslim to attend????

    :salam2: :bismillah1: I hope my brothers and sisters are doing well .May ALLAH show us a true and straight path and protect us from the evil of shaitann and our own nafs.ameen. I have a tricky question , are Muslims allowed to attend Eid party in a church...
  9. khangul

    some words

    :salam2: f your a Muslim... Comment!!!!!! If You Love Being Muslim...... Like!!!!!!!!!! If You Hate Muslim....... Message Me And Tell Me Why????????????? If Your A Real Muslim........ Put This As Your Status!!!!!!! XD 50% of the people won't post it coz they r scared to be laughed...
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    :salam2: eid mubarak to all tti members :tti_sister:. we do not have eid today , i dont know why our mosque do not have eid today. i would ask this would we have to celebrate eid with our mosque or with other mosques too ? have a happy and joyous eid...
  11. khangul

    Best Athan Fajr ever heard: Sheikh Mansour Azahrani

    :salam2: a beautiful athaan by shaikh Mansoor Azahrani Jxg4XSWBc0Y
  12. khangul

    TAJWEED with brother wisam sharief

    :salam2: i hope all my brothers and sisters are having great time dusing the last ashrah of ramadan. here is a very good link to learn tajweed. dont forget me in ur duaas.
  13. khangul

    Video 50 years of Baptist Christian Missionaries now David accepts Islam

    :salam2: jpPY9WFOjQ0&feature=channel_video_title
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    :salam2: i was watching urdu debates on utube , all i could hear was noise and mocking each other. i dont know what they want to prove by shouting and saying bad names to each other. my brothers and sisters , if you know any peaceful debate in urdu or English , please post it...
  15. khangul

    Video ^^^^ A MUST WATCH VIDEO ^^^^^

    :salam2: xr2KOG1Puxg&NR=1
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    a question

    :salam2: i hope my brothers and sisters are in good health and eeman. i just want to know that what is sharia say about , if someone say that i promise to ALLAH that i would not this this thing again and that person do it again and again. jazaakumullah khair
  17. khangul

    ### HOW TO PRAY (HUDA TV) ###

    :salam2: i hope all my brothers and sisters are in good health and eeman . yesterday i was watching shaikh muhammad salaah,s programme about how to pray on huda tv, i thought its a very good programme to share it on tti board. TQpIhi3csbs oeXMCQqMB1c&feature=fvwrel...
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    Surat Al-Haqqah by Mohamed Al-Barrak

    :salam2: VvSLRxp6cYs&feature=related
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    :salam2: -vJOX1snQqs
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    please dont skip it , watch it.

    :salam2: a very good advice from brother nauman ali khan .Especially for those who are very quick to judge others .And even give their own fatwah of takfeer. ftp2qRg2xz4