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  1. happilyeverhereafter

    Question: Anybody know this recitator??

    Assalamu Alakium waramtallahi, to all my sisters and brothers. I was just wondering if any of you happen to know the name of the person who is reciting the verse from Surah An Nisa in the last few seconds of this clip I have included below (skip to 8:34 to hear it). I heard it while listening...
  2. happilyeverhereafter

    MaShaAllah! Omar Esa Nasheeds

    Masha'Allah, I love all his nasheeds! They have beautiful meanings and all the money towards purchasing his nasheeds go to a charity of some sort. Also, another good thing to note is they don't have any musical instruments whatsoever...only voice :) Enjoy, insha'Allah. View more here