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  1. Hassan

    Yummy! Queen's Birthday Cake

    A reminder this part of the forum is for discussing cooking and food. If there is a will to discuss celebrating birthdays being bidah, it is better placed in "Islamic Discussion". If there is a will to make this a place of competition in the deen and to call each other names, there is no place...
  2. Hassan

    Question about 21:32

    wa alaikum Peter. Yes I noticed the site I gave doesn't seem as user-friendly as it was. My point was to be aware of differences in meaning introduced by fallible humans who translate - if you already have, and are comfortable with, a resource which addresses that then no problems. The tafseers...
  3. Hassan

    Question about 21:32

    Hello, and welcome to TurnToIslam! As you know, the Qur'an is in Arabic, but I wanted to mention translations are made by humans and can have differences. It may be useful to compare translations as they can show better what the Arabic words actually say, this site may help:
  4. Hassan


    :salam: The rules are simple, Qur'an and Sunnah. From experience, someone trying to argue against these is looking to be provocative, sending IMs only makes things worse. I agree the member should know, but different moderators have different styles. Not having seen the posts, I do not...
  5. Hassan


    This doesn't need an admin. The posts are not on the site. If they are something which gave a moderator reason to remove them, then they are deleted completely, and best not to re-post them. If they did not give a moderator reason to remove them, then something technical went wrong and you...
  6. Hassan


    :wasalam: I do not see them on the system anywhere, so they were either completely removed, or there was a problem posting them in the first place. I'm not an admin either, just a moderator :) wasallam
  7. Hassan

    More activity from admins to salamyou

    Personally I don't even go to Salamyou. There is nothing there for me except to feel frustration and look away.
  8. Hassan

    Tony Blair: Iraq war didn’t cause 7/7

    As we in London remember the attacks of 7th July 2005, Tony Blair speaks up. How can he still not see what he did and how wrong he is? This is shocking. --------------------------------- Tony Blair: Iraq war didn’t cause 7/7, Islamic terrorism must be fought militarily Self-belief undiminished...
  9. Hassan

    Srebrenica - A Cry From the Grave

    How Britain and the US decided to abandon Srebrenica to its fate New research reveals that Britain and the US knew six weeks before massacre that enclave would fall – but they decided to sacrifice it in their efforts for peace...
  10. Hassan

    Serious Is there any moderator there?

    :bismillah1: :salam: I'd like to explain my absence. These days I am trying to start my business, in shaa Allah it looks promising, but it means I don't come here so often. I think it was ok for some time, but just now the site does need more care. Reporting posts really does help. Listing the...
  11. Hassan

    News Smart TVs That Can Listen to your private conversations.

    ... then in a few years we can expect industry-standard apologies that the safeguards were breached, our data was hacked and has been sold to the highest bidder. I know I am cynical. The idea in all these privacy discussions that "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" very much...
  12. Hassan

    Palestine to Join ICC on April 1st

    I read about this elsewhere but it seemed too good to be true. The BBC don't seem to be saying much about it. Mabrouk. Progress! :mashaallah:
  13. Hassan

    Torture and death for Uzbek Muslims in jail

    Wa alaikum asalaam wa barakatuhu Brother Abu Juwairiya I haven't read that book, but I did see some nice travel guides from the 1970s & 80s... I remember hearing in the news about the daughters of the President. Looking them up online, the stories wouldn't seem out of place in some...
  14. Hassan

    Torture and death for Uzbek Muslims in jail

    I have heard so many worrying stories from Uzbekistan. It is difficult to know exactly what is going on but it doesn't sound good, for anyone and especially not the muslims. May Allah swt grant them sabr to deal with their oppressors. The country used to be very high on the list of places I...
  15. Hassan

    Anyone from turkey?

    There have always been issues with the site that it does not function in the most ideal way. The site was only intended to be a stepping stone to the next update - it seems more productive to work on that than to try to iron out all the issues on something which will be replaced. I know the...
  16. Hassan

    Serious Deadly attack on satirical magazine in Paris

    Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi Raaji'oon People? Not scholars then? In a statement by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia on he calls "on the officials in the government of Denmark to bring the newspaper that published such cartoons to account and oblige it to apologize for its abhorrent...
  17. Hassan

    Interesting ILMFLIX: Your Source For Quality Islamic Knowledge

    :salam: I signed up at the website and have been following a couple of the courses. Maa shaa Allah very nice. I wish them success and that in time they might widen the range of courses. :jazaak:
  18. Hassan

    Anyone from turkey?

    :salam: I noticed messaging disappeared a few days ago. In shaa Allah it will come back soon.
  19. Hassan

    Serious Deadly attack on satirical magazine in Paris

    Unchecked freedom of expression does not equate to unchecked freedom of action - where is that in the Qur'an and Sunnah? Make a protest, make petitions, write letters to newspaper editors. Be eloquent, argue intelligently, be creative, but act within the law. Show that Islam deserves respect...
  20. Hassan

    Problem I can't see the homepage

    I don't think the next big update will be very soon, although maybe I am wrong. I know sometimes they test new things. Other times things fall over just because they do :) Keep the admins in your dua, in shaa Allah. May your patience be rewarded with good.