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  1. hayat84

    Join here. This is my community, you are welcome there.
  2. hayat84

    Salam 3alikum

    Salam 3alikum a tutti..Non so se mi riconoscete..sono un po di anni che non vengo qua. .ora sono attiva su google+ e instagram..chi vuole unirsi alla mia community sui nasheed e il corano, è benvenuto
  3. hayat84

    Refreshing Salam 3alikum

    Brothers and sisters,I don't know how long I haven't been you remember me?Hayat! ?I remember I am 32 years old and have 6 beautiful children mashallah! !I am active on Google+ and strive for peace and debate with non muslims..May Allah guide me and I hope you will join to my...
  4. hayat84

    A far island

    There is a place where You can feel in peace... Only you can be there when you wish, A far island called Heart, Is the best way to be safe from what you fear,from every tear You drop when you're sad.
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    Don't forget that the sun has just the time to bright the sky from one side of the globe, while the other one is still Sleeping.
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    Allahu Akbar! a new muslim is coming

    Salam alikum my dears.i hope you are in good health and imaan..i've been thinking ro the padt moments on tti and it is so long i don't write...I continue loving a good evil touched me sometimes tried to cause a crash to my family but he still loses.I want to share with the ones...
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    You've always been a guide for me, You were close to me and I couldn't see. I was alone and You gave me a companion. You tested me with sad moments and now I'm happy. You tested me with poorness and now I'm rich. You tested me with Shaytan and I've chosen You. There's just one thing You're...
  8. hayat84

    Can the "dèjà-vu"be a sign from the Almighty?

    Salam 'alikum to everybody..I was(and I still am)busy all the time and I'm stealing a little bit of that to know what's up here.Even if I'm a young lady,mother and so on,I had a series of experiences which changed my life.In the latest 10 days it happened what maybe gave me the final reason to...
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    Here I am,near or far, beyond the furthest star... it doesn't matter if we'll never meet us, we'll be the closest friends in Paradise. So keep on hoping for a better future; Allah is with us,in the good and in the bad time, I'll be thinking of you,during my days... DEDICATED TO SOME OF THE...
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    I wish to meet you in a day of summer, while the storm is getting closer and I hear the thunder shouting from the horizon with its voice that my time has come and I'll finally rejoice His Grace. I wish to face that mystical moment with the calmness of the wise man and the fear of the child. And...
  11. hayat84


    Oh Allah,make me be Your best slave, make me win this challenge; I'will be the best of the creatures,I'll be brave and You'll be proud of me. Save my soul,make me free, make me see beyond the darkness and make me fly towards You, the day You'll call me,I'll be ready to go. Oh Allah,I pray You to...
  12. hayat84

    To be respected,to be protected and in the Akhira to be rewarded

    The veil I keep over my head is not just a scarf,neither a piece of cotton.This is my hijab, the one I'll wear until I'll be dead and through the one I've got rehab. It's not my choice,but my duty,I preserve my chastity and I show my identity. This is the quality of a true muslim woman. We're...
  13. hayat84

    How to recognize evil presence

    salam 'alikum to everybody,I was reading on internet how to recognize when somebody has been hit from evilish presence and I caught the occasion to share a few points to be sure that Satan exists but he can be defeated.You're free to think that we've treated this topic maybe 100 times,but as the...
  14. hayat84

    I wish to see Your Light

    I ask to Allah forgiveness if I've wronged and pray You to have mercy with me. I'll pay my dues if I've sinned,I'll be doomed for what of wrong I've done,but today,You see, I'm doing the best to please You,I wish to see Your Light, I wish to feel that emotion that makes me feel so bright. I'm...
  15. hayat84

    My best day

    I'm awaiting for the great day, I'm about to live that moment which scares many ones... I'm living this life like a romance and maybe you can say that I think too much to my depart. It's true,I should think about it much more and live each day like it was the last; every experience belongs to...
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    Shattered world

    I think that time is running too much,don't you agree? I've many things to do,but the sun sets like if it was tired to enlight the universe. The chaos around the world seems everlasting and while on one side of it an earthquake destroys thousands of lives, on the other one,storms and hot weather...
  17. hayat84

    Allah knows it best

    Many times I pose to myself the same question, and the answer is always the same:Allah knows it best. How long will I live to see my dears growing up altogether? There is no way out from this riddle, by the way I'm in the middle of a labyrinth with more ways, but only one of them leads to the...
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    BISMILLAHI RRAHMANI RRAHIM Now that you've gone I feel recharged,I see the future under a different light, I don't see black or white, I'll be waiting for you,so goodbeye Ramadhan. I just ask to Allah to be patient with me, to make that sacred month as a warning, because we don't know if...
  19. hayat84

    Yalla gjit

    :salam:! yalla gjit min l 'aroubyia.deszt al ahsan Ramadhan dhial haiaty themma.nziit l englisiya wa hadak message huwa likulli akhauan wa akhuatat dhial maghib li tfhemu shnu ketebt.wa mabrouk l eid wa kull 'am antum bikhair.ta'allamt l'arabyia mzien wa shha dhial ssad.l harara themma mish phel...
  20. hayat84

    Allahu Akbar! Moschea inaugurata a Torino

    salam 'likum a tutti ,volevo solo esprimere la mia gioia nel sapere che a Torino è stata inaugurata la nuova Moschea.l'imam che ne è a capo è venuto dal Marocco per diffondere l'Islam e ci è riuscito,anche contro il parere di coloro che contestavano la sua costruzione.Alla fine ha messo in atto...