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  1. manal09

    ~Weird~ Don't Watch Disney! Subliminal Messages

    I was a big Disney fan myself before I really started reading about the hidden messages in Disney and the effect they have on our minds. I have been kinda commenting around not to watch Disney cartoons and movies and yeah, this is also on the same warning with reasons (don't frown) From blog...
  2. manal09

    Video Mistakes in Dr. Zakir Naiks Video

    First of all this is not to insult Dr. Zakir Naik, I have always loved watching his programs and Masha Allah he does have a good knowledge, but then today a non-muslims showed me this video and said he was fake, I don't know, yes even I can relaise his mistakes here. This video is in regarding...
  3. manal09

    TurnToIslam Muslims Reactions ! unbelievable

    Assalamu Alaikkum First let me clearly state am a born Muslim myself and my intention of the thread is not to ridicule or mock any other Muslims but something that really hurt me and I was to stand helpless watching it... I want to know what do you all think about this? Recently in a social...