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    Yummy! Queen's Birthday Cake

    Sister Herb.. I thought you may be interested that Nadiya Hussain the Great British Bake Off winner was chosen to make the Queen's birthday cake. The Queen (UK) :) is 90 years today. Lovely honour for Nadiya. She has made an orange Madeira cake with an orange marmalade buttercream filling. No...
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    For sister herb.. :) my chickens.

    They are here I am so pleased. So soon in maybe four weeks or so I shall have eggs for recipes regarding eggs. :)
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    make me a fatty..

    hello, I want some lovely vegetarian recipes to help me put on weight. If anyone has some please post them on this thread. I am fed up with cookery books I have and have almost exhausted the supply of Library books.. :rolleyes: Thank you in advance. Not too many cakes as I do not like much...
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    I don't know if this is right section to ask this question. May I ask.. What is the longest time a muslim fasts in Ramadan? How does it work different parts of the world? Thank you
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    How does Yeshua fulfil the law

    Yeshua said He did not come to abolish the law but to fulfil it.. How does Yeshua accomplish this? Firstly what is the "Law" is it simply a list of do's and don'ts.. And by keeping the do's and avoiding the don'ts we are assured of Gods favour. Yet, we cannot keep the law, no matter how hard we...
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    Do you wish to live in a world devoid of christians

    I would like to ask please, how many of you as muslims would prefer to live in a world where there were no christians?
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    Guilty verdict for Lee Rigby Killers

    I am very pleased to see the murderers of Lee Rigby have been found guilty. They will be sentenced in January. I hope in they receive a life sentence and I hope in their case life means life.
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    Delicious! Chocolate dates.

    These are very easy to make and delicious to eat. :) Remove the stones from dates (majool dates are my preferred choice) replace with a nut, almond, pistachio, Brazil or nut of your choice. Close the date and dip in melted chocolate. Good quality chocolate of course.. Can be milk, plain or...
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    From the Heart.

    Firstly I would like to offer a sincere apology to all those members I seem to have offended in my contribution on the "Licking of Dogs" thread. I am sorry. I should have worded it better I was trying to get the point across that dogs have many beneficial uses to humans. Many animals saliva...
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    Question: The Injil.

    Hello, I would like to ask a question please. I wish to understand what you as muslims mean by the Injil, what is it and what is its provenance? From what I have found out so far is conflicting information, some say it is the New Testament or bits of it, others say it is a missing book written...
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    Hello, I came across your site by chance and as a Christian was drawn to the Christian - muslim dialogue. I was dismayed by the misunderstandings displayed as truth about my faith and wished to reply to Abu Sarah's post. However since awaiting for my account to be activated I notice that the...