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    What Osama Bin Laden Means to Different People !

    :salam2: What Osama Bin Laden Means to Different People ! by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 10:48am With the news of end of Osama, people have been giving different types of responses, some amusing, some really thoughtful while some childish. I have my own selection...
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    The Osama bin Laden I knew By Hamid Mir » News » The Osama bin Laden I knew Pakistani journalist and contributor Hamid Mir interviewed Osama bin Laden thrice. Mir, who works for Pakistan's Geo TV network, was the only journalist to interview bin Laden after 9/11. Hamid Mir, who is writing bin Laden's...
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    Christians fooling poor illiterate Tribals in India

    Falsehood/Deceit ....... World is coming to an end, follow us to Bethlehem Five Vasai priests promise Palghar tribals protection from the 2012 ‘apocalypse’, saying that only Christians living in Israel, Christ’s birthplace, will survive Five priests from Vasai converted hundreds of tribals...
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    New Trends in Deceptions

    :salam2: New Trends in Deceptions : The Rise of " Decent Cyber Romeos" by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 6:02pm No place offers a safe seclusion like the one you get in a cyber lane. It is always dark .There are no watchful or staring eyes of public like you...
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    "Salaam" The Divine Way Of Greeting

    :salam2: zzb_DGjMtD4 Wa salam :SMILY139::SMILY139:
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    A beautiful gift for muslims "BOOKS OF AHADITH SOFTWARE"

    As salam wa alaikum wa rehmatullai wa barkatuhu, Dear brothers n sisters hope u all r doing fine both in health n ima'an. recently one of my friend shared a link containing latest version of Hadith software on face book....i wd like to share with u all..... (As received) Al...
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    A Brief Chronology of Muslim History

    :salam2: A Brief Chronology of Muslim History 6th Century (500 - 599) C.E 7th Century (600 - 699) C.E 8th Century (700 - 799) C.E 9th Century (800 - 899) C.E 10th Century (900 - 999) C.E 11th Century (1000 -1099) C.E 12th Century (1100 - 1199) C.E 13th Century (1200 - 1299) C.E 14th Century...
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    Everybody draw Mohammed day - A Muslim Response

    :salam2: Everybody draw Mohammed day - A Muslim Response IBdzej8h3dA wa salam :)
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    Are we suppose to join/Like Facebook groups opposing anti islamic groups???

    :salam2: Hope by the grace of Allah all brothers n sisters r doing fine... i wd like ur help in this matter.. manier time my muslim friends snd me reqst in FB to join/like Groups/causes regarding groups Opposing the disrespecting of islam in any way for eg "Removal of Pics of Prophet...
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    Islamic way of treatment of parents..

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    HAJ mentioned in Bible....

    :salam2: Most of the muslims and christians did not know that Pilgrimage of Hajj is even mentioned in Bible... First of all we know that one of the name of "Makkah" was "Bakkah" as mentioned in Quran(3:96)Saheeh international's translation Indeed, the first House [of worship]...
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    Prophet Muhammad's(saw) Charter of Priviliges to Christians

    :salam2: CPS-_FI56ic Letter to the Monks of St. Catherine Monastery (A copy of the document by which the Prophet Mohammed {saw} gave protection to the monastery) TRANSLATION "This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt...
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    :salam2: brothers n sisters i jst watchd this excellent small flash presentation some brother has created out of Ahmed Bukhatir's nasheed "last breath" ........ its title is MY LAST BREATH {THIS WILL MAKE YOU CRY}...and really it does made me crying..i thought of sharing with u all...
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    EQUALITY OF WITNESSES Question: Why are two witnesses who are women, equivalent to only one witness who is a man ? Answer: It is not true that two female witnesses are always considered as equal to only one male witness. It is true only in certain cases. There are about five...