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  1. haya1

    Humble request to daughters of Hawa

    Asslamualikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dearest ukhtis, I am going to give english speaking test i need to practice speaking. i need to talk to native english speaker sis. I need your help. we can discuss islamic topics it will increase our knowledge will also improve my english...
  2. haya1

    Need your prayers ;(

    Asslamualikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu sisters and brother, please pray for me as i am undergoing severe distress..:( i am sorry i can't explain the problem but please for once pray for me that may Allah SWT show me the right path and may i stick to it till my death... may He solve my...
  3. haya1


    :salam2: i congrats to turn to islam team for changings in the website.. it is more beautiful now jazak Allah khairan :blackhijab: ramadan mubarak to all plz pray for me :blackhijab: first of all please tell me what can i do for the improvement of website? secondly i want to ask a strange...
  4. haya1

    Please Pray for Me plzzzz

    :salam2: my dear brothers and sisters my humble request to you all that please pray for my exams. my exams are very tough. plz pray whatever Allah do, should be in my favour.. please my brothers and my sweet sisters please remember this sister in your prayers.. i am also suffering from...
  5. haya1

    need help please

    :salam2: dear brothers and sisters your this sister is very depressed now a days:). i want you to please help me to change my attitude. actually i study in university in co education. i have many issues. first of all i want you to ask that what should i do so that Allah dont angry with me for...
  6. haya1


    Asslamualikum wa rahmatulla he wabarakatohu my name is haya and i am new here.. i was searching dua for studying in Google. i found it at this website TURN TO ISLAM. i really appreciate this site is very helpful. i hope i will get lots of knowledge about islam from here. my exams is starting...