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  1. aless

    volunteers!! a chance to help with a dawah project

    Assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear brothers and sisters who read this message, i pray you are all well I am doing a dawah project with a small group of international sisters, I posted about it on the forum already in the past alhamdulillah this is the website of the...
  2. aless

    the new muslim survey IN ITALIANO

    assalamu alaykom cari fratelli e sorelle per favore date un'occhiata a questo progetto ambizioso insha'Allah partecipate se potete e divulgate jazakum Allahu khayr ------- La New Muslim Survey Le librerie e le università sono piene di testi scritti da autori non musulmani che hanno...
  3. aless

    the new muslim survey

    assalamu alaykom dear brothers and sisters please take a look at this ambitious dawah project jazakum Allauh khayr ------- THE NEW MUSLIM SURVEY Bookstores and universities are replet with the works of non muslims authors who have written extensively about new muslims and their...
  4. aless

    story of how Abu Hanifa's parents met

    :salam2: in what book can I find the story of how Abu Hanifa’s parents met? From what I know his dad married his mum thinking she was blind? I need a reliable source!
  5. aless

    what's happening in Pakistan?!?

    :salam2: Why these acts? I dont understand :SMILY309:
  6. aless

    inheritance in islaam

    :salam2: maybe someone can help me understand a few issues on inheritance by giving me a link or a reference to a book that explains things on the laws of Allah in relation to inheritance. I have not read much about it ... a sister yesterday asked me some questions that I did not know...
  7. aless

    discrimination in the workplace

    :salam2: I am not sure about how to pose this question, but I found out something which I am not sure whether is an opinion of a scholar, an opinion from the majority of scholars or something that directly comes from evidence in Qur'an and Sunnah and generally would like to know you...
  8. aless

    chicken korma recipes!?!?

    :salam2: sisters I fancy making that chicken korma (you know the chicken immersed in coconut niceee) that they make here in Indian restaurants in London, but does chicken korma actually exist !?!? Lol I would like a traditional recipe!!! :wasalam:
  9. aless

    practical problems

    :shymuslima1: :shymuslima1: :salam2: dear sisters and brothers, I hope this post find u well and in the best of imaan I hope you can help me insh'Allah I have a bit of a serious problem. Please read carefully insh'Allah When I first reverted to Islam, I thought I could not...
  10. aless


    :salam2: dear brothers and sisters, I came across these two hadith, which are used extensively to prove violent ideology in Islam, denial of fair trial and the absence of "freedom of speech" I would be greatful, may Allah reward you for this, if you could reply to me with links to...
  11. aless

    advice to a brother in need

    :salam2: I have a bit of a problem and I don't know who to ask a brother I know has sent me this message to ask me for help and I really do not have the knowledge to answer.... text he sent me: "if you lie to get a college course then with that qualification get a job will my income...
  12. aless

    Hadith explanation please!!

    as'ssalamu aleikom Can anybody explain the following hadith to me please! Narrated Anas: The Prophet I used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives. 062 : 002 Narrated by Anas, Shahi Bukhari (or please also an external link to an...
  13. aless

    question for sisters - need help with clothing

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh I am looking to buy a one-piece overhead abaya that fits around the face and that goes all the way down to the feet.... and also preferebly (but not necessarily) that can be opened and closed from the front (am i making sense?)- thwe reason why I...
  14. aless

    I keep getting confused

    I AM SO CONFUSED PLEASE HELP As'salumu Alaikum, Please can anybody check these sites Myths about Islam (all I have been told when I asked my teachers is deconstructed in this page) removed Is the Qur'an Hate Propaganda? Removed People who left Islam removed WIFE BEATING IN...
  15. aless

    five daily prayers

    i'd like to pray when I am at work but don't know where to go Ive searched and there is no quite place - empty place - always people around i don't want to miss my prayers but what can I do? just pray in the corner of a room with men women and colleagues around?
  16. aless

    Islam, Democracy and pluralism: incompatible?

    asalamaleikum Ive read this: "there is not a perfect Islamic state in the world today. There are many Muslim countries. An Islamic state is based on the model of the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) state in Madinah while a Muslim state is one which has a majority Muslim population and some...
  17. aless

    Serious comments needed

    Salam I am a recent convert and am trying to sort my life out - one of the main issues is that I am staying with my sister who has a boyfriend (I will be moving out VERY soon)- they do lots of things that are not accepted in Islam and they are not really accepting all the changes that I have...
  18. aless

    I reverted to Islam last Thursday

    Salaam I am so happy to announce that last Thursday I took the big step and turned to Islam. I met so many sisters at the local mosque who will be helping me through the transition of becomin a good muslim I have still a lot of questions- especially about praying which is something...
  19. aless


    I need help! I've been thinking about religion for a few years now and been trying to prey god my own way alone without anybody knowing it because they would not understand but I am exploding now because I feel I'm not a part of any community I am alone! nobody i know leads a lifestyle that I...