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  1. Abu Juwairiya

    Hadith Hadith

    The Prophet ﷺ said: "Whoever persists in seeking forgiveness, Allah will make a way out from every hardship, and relief from distress. And He will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not." [Abū Dawūd]
  2. Abu Juwairiya

    Huge quantity of wealth in Iraq will result in the deaths of 99 of every 100 people

    Abu Huraira related that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, 'The time draws near when the Furaat will reveal a treasure of gold whoever is present should not take anything from it." (Bukhari) In the narration in Sahih Muslim 'The Hour [The Day of Judgement] will not come until the Furaat lays...
  3. Abu Juwairiya

    French Minister: "Allah is not Superior to the Republic

    Personal Comment: I find this interesting. I call it 'radicalisation in western liberal democracy style'. The French government has declared itself a god. Not just a god, but actually higher than Allah and indirectly is saying worship us and what we say and force you to do. You can say you...
  4. Abu Juwairiya

    French Minister: "Allah is not Superior to the Republic

    French minister Gerald Darmanin said in an interview with FranceInfo: "You can pray to Allah and love the Republic, but Allah is not superior to the Republic."...
  5. Abu Juwairiya

    Video Mistakes in Dr. Zakir Naiks Video

    First, I agree with what has already been said. Second, the Prophet (SAW) narrated we should remain as one ummah; meaning defend and represent your brothers and sisters, think good of your brethren and remain suspicious of what is said by those outside of our community, namely Non Muslims. Where...
  6. Abu Juwairiya

    Seen any Muslim TV Series and Dramas?

    Among the recent ones that have some credibility to them include Ertugrul, Osman and Abdul Hamid. All are found in the Kayi website.
  7. Abu Juwairiya

    Interesting Bottles House!!!

    That is certainly a novel way of using bottles for something else other than drinking. M'ashallah. May we all learn something from this and apply our knowledge to greater ideals and actual pursuits. Jazakallah brother. Keep up the good work.
  8. Abu Juwairiya

    The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

    I would also add while Sultan Abdul Hamid was one of the last great Muslim leaders of the twentieth century, the Usmani Caliphate was already on the brink of collapse. It takes a united effort to take a stand and an even larger ability to defend against internal enemies that aid and assist...
  9. Abu Juwairiya

    Amazing Stories of Muslim Scientists

    May Allah reward you brother for your enlightening post.
  10. Abu Juwairiya

    Serious Hatun (DCCI) assaulted at Speakers Corner

    Dear Brother. Thank you for your interesting and invaluable post. May God bless you as well and keep you steadfast and firm in your convictions and attitudes. As you mentioned, verbal and actual abuse does not lead to anything except revenge and hate. Disagreements between members of different...
  11. Abu Juwairiya

    Serious Beware of Sam Shamoun (Apologist)

    Jazakallah Khayrun Brother. May Allah reward you for your comments and opinions. If I may add brother, when you first brought the topic to the forum, I gave your post a like. If I had thought or believed it was insulting, perhaps I may not have done so. I am thinking here hypothetically as I...
  12. Abu Juwairiya

    Serious Beware of Sam Shamoun (Apologist)

    I did not say you were promoting him nor did I imply it. My dislike was not of yourself, your post or your topic. It was only of Sam Shamoun. While I accept his position, his opinions and his statements as being open to view, I liked the removal since I despised seeing it on the forum...
  13. Abu Juwairiya

    TurnToIslam Salams brothers and sisters!

    It's good to hear from you again. Keep up the good work brother.
  14. Abu Juwairiya

    Serious Beware of Sam Shamoun (Apologist)

    May Allah reward you Brother Mabsoot Jazakallah Khayrun for your actions.
  15. Abu Juwairiya


    Alhamdolilah, I wish to add the significance of prayer or salah. You do not have to reach the ends of the earth, visit the boundary of the heavens or reach outer space, the happiness, contentment, personal satisfaction and grandeur you receive from communication with the Creator either in your...
  16. Abu Juwairiya

    Prophet Muhammad: Lost in Divine Love.

    I do not agree with the opinions expressed here. I recognise Hadiths are used to justify and strengthen the arguments, but the point made is Shirk. The wordings suggest divine equality with Allah and that is impossible. If however both the article and the author suggest personal gifts from...