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  1. Ashima33

    Why all this "Fuss" about Niqab? (A message for Muslims who are anti-islamic derss).

    So i was talking with a non muslim friend the other day and she said, "you know... I think the fashion police in France are taking their job a little TOO seriously." Haha I laughed so hard I almost fell over.
  2. Ashima33

    Talk to an Iraqi

    Salaam Everyone. Not for sure if any of you have heard of the radio show: This American Life. But they did a t.v. series for two seasons on ShowTime awhile back. Here's one of the stories they did. It's about an Iraqi who set up a booth in a couple different spots around the U.S. allowing...
  3. Ashima33

    Question concerning dogs

    I personally do not like dogs as pets. But enjoy other people's. Especially puppies and for some reason giant dogs. like st. bernards, great danes, and mastiffs. haha I have heard many different rulings.... it's okay if a dog touches you, but not lick you. It's not okay if I dog even...
  4. Ashima33

    "Then whats the purpse...?"

    A religion professor I had made a really good point. In the Bible.. when God asks Adam what he has done he states, "That woman YOU created told me to eat from the tree." So in a way Adam is blaming God. cUrazy. this isn't talked about much. Here's the actual verse Genesis 3:11-12: "11...
  5. Ashima33

    The role of a wali

    the "elder" I was referring to was indeed Muslim. Still don't get it.
  6. Ashima33

    The role of a wali

    About a year ago when I was in "talks" with a brother his mom (who's Pakistani) freaked out and got really offended when I referred to one of my elders as my wali. She said she had never heard of it in the context I was using it and told me to never say it again. I didn't say it, but was...
  7. Ashima33

    so if I say....abt a good da'ee!!

    I'm not for sure what kind of structure this project is going to have. But I can tell you I disagree with dawah on the basis of you going out and initiating the conversations about Islam to non-muslims. If it's something that comes up in general conversation, or someone comes to you asking...
  8. Ashima33

    Nation of Islam

    hahaaaaa. so true.
  9. Ashima33

    Nation of Islam

    Of course I do not agree with Nation of Islam, but there are some things I find interesting and very important to American History. For anyone who doesn't know, Elijah Muhammad, was considered to be a prophet of NOI. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a co-founder, too? He was a man who...
  10. Ashima33

    Halal debate in America

    Salaam, There is a difference between Halaal and Zabiha. I think we know what is halaal, pretty much everything except roadkill, pork, and alcohol to put it simply. Everything else is Halaal meat, but Zabiha targets specifically how the animal was slaughtered and if "bismillah" was said...
  11. Ashima33

    I have a question about cats

    Salaam, Have you ever considered the reason you don't have mice is because you have all these cats around!!!! Who knows -- if you get rid of all the cats you may have a rodent problem on your hands. So I would think twice before calling animal control. Would you rather deal with their...
  12. Ashima33

    Jesus statue struck by lightning

    Salaam, Of COURSE, I don't agree with idol making/worshipping. But we shouldn't take what this guy is saying out of context. He's not saying the actual statue made people "come to Jesus." He stating that seeing it sparked the memory that they used to have a relationship with their religion...
  13. Ashima33


    I also think that when a country is being occupied or the people as a whole are being oppressed, it turns people against themselves because they are struggling to gain the power that was stripped away from them. I think this is true to a lot of Muslim countries. They are being occupied and so...
  14. Ashima33

    BP Gas Station Sign

    Hmmmm.... looks like someone should practice what they preach...
  15. Ashima33

    Do cameras change the way we behave?

    Salaam, you are right... but that's not exactly what I was referring to with the video. If you watch it you will see how children react when behind a "camera," and I think it's interesting to see this in relation to media today.
  16. Ashima33

    Do cameras change the way we behave?
  17. Ashima33

    The Difference Between Jews and Zionists

    Salaam, Correct me if I'm wrong, but Rachel Corrie wasn't Jewish. This video is definitely worth watching. It's from the documentary, Occupation 101. And I definitely have strong feelings about making the distinction between Jews and Zionist. I was appalled when I was at a protest where...
  18. Ashima33

    Someone tell me if this is for real.

    Hmmm... Interesting. I have never heard this? What does the breast milk do for them?
  19. Ashima33

    Someone tell me if this is for real.

    Well, but in the article they were talking about how women would pump their milk and have it given to a man in a glass so it's okay for them to be in mix gendered environments. A friend said he looked some stuff up online to see if it was true or not, and claimed the info just got worse and...
  20. Ashima33

    Someone tell me if this is for real.

    uh. no. that does not clarify my question. my question is... "Is this REALLY going on?" And if it is true... I don't think we should single out western culture as being the only one that's "screwed up."