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    i want an answer

    Aselamu alaykum bros and sisters In one forum 1 of the non muslim accuse Islam as a religion who support terrorism and other accusation against our beloved prophet saw, he quote some verses from the Quran and interpret it in a wrong way, i want to prove him wrong, but to do that i need an...
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    Which book should i refer

    Which book will be helpful? Aselamu alaykum Bros and Sisters, hope u all doing well, I want a book/books about the Political and Islamic history of the period after the time of Kalifa/ after the time of the Sahabees/ in English, Can u guys pls suggest some books?
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    how can i do this?

    Aselamu Alaykum bros and sisters, How can I copy/share/ google video to another site,for ex, i got 1 video from this site " scientific miracles of quor'an " to copy it i can't get the embed code or url can any 1 help plz?, tks, wselam.
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    Question for the admin

    aselamu alaykum, how r u doing ? I have one question, My question is since 3 or 4 weeks i can't see the full line in a sentence here in TTI, i don't know what the problem is, how can i fix this? i want admins help on this, Jazzak Allah.
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    Where can i find

    Aselamu alaykum bros and sisters, I want to know where i can find Audio English translation of the holy Quran, hope to see replies, Jazzak Allah Kahair, wselam.
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    Hadith Sites

    Aselamu alaykum bros and sisters, hope u r all in the best state of Iman and health. hmm, i used to have a nice site about hadiths where 1 can find a hadith a bout anything by just writing a specific word, it was a nice site, but when my pc is formatted i lost the site, and the worst part is...
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    Aselamu alaykum bros and sisters hope u all r in the best State of Iman and health. hmm a new convert brother want to learn how to make salah, the steps and what to say, i want to give him a site which explains how to do that, i hope u know where to find that ,videos + text( in Arabic and...
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    Hijab at a Harvard Gym

    :salam2: Dear bros and sisters, I really become so amazed that they allow this to happen, i wan share it with TTI family:
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    :Aselamu Alaykum dear bros and Sisters, I just wan know, how many Accounting or Finance Professionals & students are here in TTI Community, hmm, hope to see replies soon, wselam
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    What is the Evidence?

    :salam2: `Can any of u give me an evidence from Quran or Hadith to prove we muslims should celebrate only 2 Eids, Eid Al fitr and Eid Al adha, Jazzakumulahu Khair. :hijabi:
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    Islamic question and answer

    :salam2: i start by raising 1 question the person who respnd the question should raise another 1 it keep on like this who is the first Muazzin ( a person who calls ppl for salah) in the prophet Muhammed (saw) Period and from which country he was? hope to see replies...........:hijabi:
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    :salam2: See what they r trying to do. Allah Promises it will keep the Quran Intact till Qiyamah, Alhamdullilah. The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick A new Quran is being distributed...
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    Can i get an Authenticate Proof of this News

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters yesterday I received an e-mail stating: An important message to all Muslim brothers and sisters : Sunita Williams ( First Indian woman who went on moon) accepted "ISLAM" Masha Allah, bcoz when they were on the moon, they saw towards EARTH, the entire EARTH...
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    any one who got an answer

    :salam2: I used to listen Quran by Famous Qarees from, since few months i can't access the site, is there any 1 who can tell me what went wrong with the site, I am glad if u let me know where i can listen Quran by famous Qarees/ i mean alternative Sites / Jazzak Allah in adavance.
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    Any one from Ethiopia

    Aselamu alaykum wr wb, i started using the site before few months and i found it a nice one :ma: :ma: :ma: I am curious to know if there r other Habashas/Ethiopians/ using this site.... k wsellam.
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    Aselamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters

    :salam2: I Started using this site before few weeks, my Sister told me about this site and i found it a wonderful one. Alhamdullilah, i am a born muslim, but i think there is a lot that i have to learn about Islam, May Allah help me and all muslims, ameen. Jazzak Allah Khair for all bros...