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  1. dianne

    help - Amirul Mukminin

    Assalamualaikum, I need an answer due to my research about Amirul Mukminin based on fact,hadith.i try to find it some in the books,internet but i doest help me much.please help me! May Allah swt grant you for answering me. wassalamualaikum
  2. dianne

    Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

    Salam to all,may this new year will gain more a knowledge of Islam
  3. dianne

    Please Clarify Me for this - Muslim break taboo to allow guide dog

    Source - A RETRIEVER is in training to become the first dog in Britain to be permitted to enter a mosque, acting as a guide for its blind Muslim owner. The animal has been chosen because it salivates less than...
  4. dianne

    1,132 Palestinians killed???

    :astag: GAZA (Reuters) - Israel said its Gaza offensive could be "in the final act" on Friday and sent envoys to discuss truce terms after Hamas made a ceasefire offer to end three weeks of fighting that has killed more than 1,100 Palestinians. Source -...
  5. dianne


    Could'nt imagine in speechless after saw this pics.
  6. dianne

    US Marines in Masjid

    US Marines in Masjid - an email from my friends Hi Dianne, How is everyone doing in beautiful KL? It been a while since I last emailed you. I just wanted to express my feelings concerning the pictures in this email. Please do not think that all Americans are this way. I feel very...
  7. dianne

    Live Tomorrow - Eclips

    Live Tomorrow - Eclipse See Eclips tomorrow live start 3pm (malaysia time) on the web below -
  8. dianne

    sun rises straight up - Kaabah

    Just for Sharing
  9. dianne

    Ruling of a guy wearing Bracelets

    Assalamualaikum brother / sister, Theres a bracelet which is very popular in here believed that can circulate our blood & improved a good health. give me a reason based on hadith al quran & sunnah.i really appreciated the answer. here is attached the website -...
  10. dianne

    What is this?

    This one also i got from fwd email,hehe just for sharing,i think its a bible/Injil
  11. dianne

    Ariel Sharon

    (I got this msg & pics from fwd email) All are aware in the world that, he is the only person responsible for lots and lots of damage in Palestine.... And today he is in such a position (Please see below picture). The media all over the world is quite, feeling shame to publish/ show...
  12. dianne

    Who is it???

    Salam brothers/sisters, i got a story to share,U guys know there is a Jesus or Mother Mary pbuh appeared somewhere after the tragedy or stuff like buildings,palm tree or etc,sometimes i was wondering who is it appeared in a shadow with a smoke and the face not so clear,so people saw...
  13. dianne

    HELP! Surah AL Kautsar

    Salam brother & sister, help me find some hadith - the prove evidence said that the benefits reading surah al kautsar 1000x with get rizki,or something like that.or any reason why recite this surah. i try to find it but failed,please help! thanks again you guys answer me! Wassalamualaikum
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  15. dianne

    Oh Children of Palestine...Strengh your eeman,Allah be with you...

    i just want to share the pics,may we all doa to them..Allah will give them jannah for the streghten eeman...amin!
  16. dianne

    Siamese Twin

    twin siamese just after operation Nur Bahiyah (left) dan Nur Badrishah Norhisyam (right) together with their hip and share their intestines completely separated yesterday after 15 hours at Pediatric Institute, Kuala Lumpur Hospital.
  17. dianne

    Cat with a 2 head

    the siamese cat real active since born but after 3days died.happend here in Malaysia. SUbhanallah!
  18. dianne

    Britney Spears wants to marry Birmingham paparazzo Adnan Ghalib?

    LOL,Thats all what i can say,I read a paper today about the guy names Adnan Ghalib who loves Britney Spears,they wanted to get married & Spears also intend to convert to Islam. Spears said she also wants to live in Pakistan with Ghalib. What a crazy guy,I saw his necklace with a cross!! If im...
  19. dianne

    Fake hadith

    Salam brother & sister, Is anyone in here have a list of the fake hadith,mind to share,mine one is in Malay language,im lazy to find it on website,lol If u guys have it,kindly quote it in here? Thanks wassalam
  20. dianne

    The Guy Who wrote me about Islam...

    I received a message from one guy who defends the context of the Bible.he wrote me this - if you are trying to describe other religion using your own religion, then it is are forcing the verse to happen/to act like what you are saying...the translation will wrong...the prophet you...