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    Are Disasters Divine Punishment?

    Are Disasters Divine Punishment? Ans: Not necessarily so.
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    The Prophet's Methods Of Correcting People's Mistakes

    As-Salāmu `Alaykum, That's a good book, Jazak Allahu Khayran
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    Satanic Verses

    I don't know why some non-Muslims try to gain advantage by using story of the Cranes, also (inaccurately) known as Satanic Verses. Even according to that story, the verses were corrected by Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala). Here is an excerpt from Tabari, Volume 1: So, according to the story, the...
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    I want to learn arabic BUT...

    ^ As-Salāmu `Alaykum, Brother, you can not or rather should not try to erase what you have learned from your memory. Nothing wrong with communicating, job, etc as long as you do not go against Islam such as by using vulgar words, slandering Islam, etc.
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    I want to learn arabic BUT...

    ^ :salam2: What do you mean by worldly gain? Are you going to study Qur'anic Arabic to just earn money instead of trying to understand the Qur'an as an act of obedience? And communication by being within the parameter of Islam is not worldly thing. Also see the fatwas.
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    Pakistani parents found guilty of killing their daughter

    Source: the link at the first post. This comment has got 141 likes. Imagine the ignorance and hatred of these 'civilized' people. Also, this one with 63 likes.
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    Pakistani parents found guilty of killing their daughter

    :salam2: There were some people at pre-Islamic times who used to bury their own daughters. Pre-Islamic days are specially known as Jahiliyyah. It means days of ignorance (from divine guidance).
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    Da’wah – calling others to Islam

    ^ Feel free to create a thread for your query.
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    Introduction - New

    Brother Bob34, Do not hesitate to say Sahada when you are convinced. And Enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask questions.
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    My introduction

    Wa `alaykumu s-salām, sister. My advice is that Join Islamic forums and get involved in discussions. You will no longer be bored InshaAllah. This is a good place for earning knowledge.
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    Question on civil vs. religious marriage.

    :salam2:, Here is another related fatwa. Based on the view that his guardianship is not valid, then guardianship passes to the next closest male relative on the father’s side. The most qualified people to arrange a woman’s marriage after her father are: her grandfather, then her son, then...
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    Question on civil vs. religious marriage.

    :wasalam: You and that sister should go to a Imam for the marriage. Here is a fatwa. Is civil marriage permissible in Islam?. Praise be to Allaah. Marriage in Islam has essential “pillars” and conditions; if they are fulfilled then it is a valid marriage. The “pillars” are the proposal and...
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    Satanic Verses

    Sciences of hadiths are the methodologies used to verify hadiths. The word science also means systematized knowledge. See: 4. systematized knowledge in general. 5. knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study.
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    I want to learn arabic BUT...

    Wa `alaykumu s-salām, Come on bro! There is nothing wrong in using the (learned) Arabic for communication. Qur'anic Arabic is not same as the local Arabic. Also, You can use Arabic to preach Islam to Arabs. Islam is also a way of life. Learning Arabic to just understand Qur'an is not Islam...
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    Is using toothpaste in ramadan allowed?

    :salam2: You can use Miswak at day time. And if toothpaste does not get into your throat, your fast will NOT be broken. So, you can use toothpaste provided it does not get into your throat.
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    why will Allah torture disbelievers for an eternity if he is merciful?

    Any human should check out the religions and decide which is true or false. There is no such advantage if the message reaches to both person in true and correct form. Anyone said that it's just a coincidence? It's rather a matter of choice. First of all, we do not know what the judgment will...
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    Satanic Verses

    Well, then it's up to individuals to go and see whether the registration page contains the option of choosing religion or not. This will decide who is wrong or right. And that's (hopefully) the last word from me here.
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    Is using toothpaste in ramadan allowed?

    Will brushing teeth break your fast? Praise be to Allaah If tooth paste does not get into the throat, then the fast is not broken. However, it would be better to use tooth paste at night and to Sewaak at day time. Also see the book "70 Matters Related to Fasting" . May Allah guide us to his...
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    Arabic Course for English Speaking Students, What is this book?

    :salam2: These are same books. :]