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    top 10 reasons why jesus isn't God

    assalamu alaikum, we know jesus (peace be upon him) was one of the mighty messenger sent by God allmighty. but still many people in christian community believe that he is a God. here is an excellent effort by brother eddie and evans to prove that he wasn't God but he was a messenger of God. it...
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    what is shiaism?

    assalamu alaikum. i had no idea about shiaism before, i just knew they were one of the sects of islam, i love and respected them like my brother and sister in islam. my wife is a converted muslim, once i came to know that she has got a new friend at school who is a shia believer. she started to...
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    I am a new member in this family

    Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaikum, i registered just now. i know the website for the couple of months but started to browse almost everyday from the last week. I think it's an excellent place to know and learn about our beautiful religion islam and share our feelings. Hope i can learn...