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  1. chaandani

    Alcohol in Medicine?

    :salam2: Most of you know I'm a new Muslim, and I usually use the search for my questions, but I couldn't find this one (maybe I didn't try hard enough heh): Is it okay to take medicine that has alcohol in it? Thanks in advance. :wasalam:
  2. chaandani

    looking for a picture?

    asalaamu alaikum. has anyone seen a picture of a muslim man praying in the sand next to his car (specifically the car was a skyline and it was pulled off the road)? i want to find the picture to give as a gift but i cant find it anywhere. i dont know the photographer or the name of the...
  3. chaandani


    salaam alaikum all. i guess i should first state that i'm not muslim - but i'm thinking about becomming muslim. a lot of my very good friends are muslim and i've been talking to them and researching on my own about islam (more extensively this past month or so) and unlike any other religion or...