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  1. Storm


    :salam2: It is so annoying!! Maybe that's why people are glad when univeristy is over with, its nothing but work, work and work. Its been so long since I last came here, seems like forever. Hope you're all fine and doing well. Do remember me in your prayers, miss you all.
  2. Storm

    Proud moments

    :salam2: I just wanted to share what I felt today. Sitting in a bus as usual going to college, but what happened next was extraordinary :subhanallah: After a minute or 2 I found myself sitting between 2 sisters fully covered. I have never felt so strongly connected nor so proud...
  3. Storm


    :salam2: I NEED a good website for book reviews. I can not stress enough how much I need help right now. EMERGENCY!!!!!!!
  4. Storm

    ~*~~~Deja vu~~~*~

    Have you ever had the feeling that this has happened before? :SMILY27::SMILY27: I have felt it alot. Does Islam say anything about it?
  5. Storm


    :salam2: I have a queston for all the brothers out there, since this concerns them. Why is it that men stare at those who have covered themselves? I can understand (even though its wrong) staring at a woman who is not covered or those who wear improper clothes. But staring at a...
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    I found this website and its really good for downloading stuff.
  7. Storm

    <----- What does it say?

    :salam2: These are some of the pics I like.
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    :salam2: Ok so I have a couple of goes: 1) I used to listen to Sami Yusuf but I dont anymore because he uses music. But I've found some of his songs without music, can I listen to them? 2) Can I listen to nasheeds in Ramadan? That means it won't replace recitation or...
  9. Storm

    <------ Recollections

    I thought we could add anything funny that has happened to us, it can be anything. So that in those serious times (which we have had quite a few of on TTI) we can also share a laugh. Like this morning when I woke up, I went to the kitchen and lit a match. Now naturally I was still a...
  10. Storm

    My article.....:)

    I had written this article inthe summer and I want to share it with you. I have posted half of it and will do the rest later. I will appreciate to know what you think OUR ISLAM The word "Islam" is an Arabic word which means "submission to the will of God". This...
  11. Storm

    A plan for Ramadan

    I got this e-mail from soundvision. I checked it out and I thought i'd share it with all of you. 10 Ramadan goals to achieve this year: 8 ways to boost that Ramadan spirit: A Ramadan guide...
  12. Storm

    What makes you happy?

    Sometime you can feel that Allah is happy with you....its an awesome feeling. Know what I mean? I also feel happy when I see people going to the mosque, people helping each other on the streets, reading about reverts to Islam etc. What about you?
  13. Storm

    Tribute to Allah

    This is by Muhammad Husayn. I have heard the english (Christian) version of this and I dont know which came first.
  14. Storm

    Prayer Ad

    I liked it, I hope you do too.
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    I just wanted to know whether we can have new emoticons in addition to the old ones?
  16. Storm

    Obama's cartoon

    A Newyorker has drawn a caricature of Obama and his wife. The Americans feel that its a shameful act. This very statement contradicts what they have been telling us. We told them how we felt about the cartoons made about our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and they told us its 'freedom of...
  17. Storm


    Im a little confused and to top it of, I dont know how to explain it. I'll use the word jinx because I cant think of anything else. People have said its true and it does happen, that there are some people who can 'jinx' others. Now I dont believe in it and I think its horrible to think...
  18. Storm

    Insular and arrogant

    I have a problem. I have never gotten along with proud and narrow-minded people. I just can't stand them. And I know I should fix this. Im a tolerant person and I've tried to be friends with them but...I simply can't. What should I do?
  19. Storm

    This is ignorance

    I thought we could all write about something that we believe is ignorance. Here's mine: At the present time we are only Muslims by name; we are not practising our religion any more. In fact, we have made religious people outcasts. If truth be told there should be no such thing as...
  20. Storm

    19 yr old Professor!!!!!

    Can you believe it? She must be a Genius!!!