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  1. Zayna85908

    advice about duck meat

    are we allowed to eat duck meat and is it have tobe halal?
  2. Zayna85908

    The Qur'an - Channel 4. . .

  3. Zayna85908

    What is freedom?

    Cool thank you everyone for replying! :)
  4. Zayna85908

    What is freedom?

    :salam2: I just wondered what everyone thought freedom to them was? Is it that we are free from hell?
  5. Zayna85908

    The Qur'an - Channel 4. . .

    hello, i'm thinking to watch it and see what they say. See if they are going to lie or actually tell people good things. We will see wasalam
  6. Zayna85908

    Assalamu Alaikum!

    aww welcome to TTI sister
  7. Zayna85908

    please help my friend with her husband

    He prays salah hardly ever. He never prays fajr morning. Hardly ever zuhr afternoon. He prays asr hardly ever maghrib and isha. It doesnt seem like he is fearing Allah punishments. Just seems not bothered.
  8. Zayna85908

    please help my friend with her husband

    thank you thats helps a bit. salamalaykum
  9. Zayna85908

    please help my friend with her husband

    Does a husband have to care for his wifes feelings? Does he have a right to be mean to her? Is it okay for him to let non muslim women ring him and text him inviting him to places where they drink alcohol? please help me because my friend is having trouble with this and feels worthless.
  10. Zayna85908

    Jazak'Allah????? What Does it Mean?

    Okay so it means may Allah reward you ? :p
  11. Zayna85908

    Hello! how are my brothers and sisters doing today?

    Thats lovely! thanks for replying
  12. Zayna85908

    Hey I'm new

    am good too welcome brother
  13. Zayna85908

    Hello! how are my brothers and sisters doing today?

    Salam alaykum I'm just wondering how everyone is today? Maybe let us know what you like most about turn to islam website? Well me? I am fine. Feeling a little sick lately inshallah will be a little baby there! :hearts: About turn to islam website I love it!!!! I like the fact that you can...
  14. Zayna85908

    post ur DESKTOP here

    How do you paste your desktop background into here? please :D
  15. Zayna85908

    Hello i'm new

    welcome to TTI we are here for you! :wasalam:
  16. Zayna85908

    Assalaamu Alaikum.

    Thats how I found TTi, by looking on google for islamic forums! welcome !!:hijabi:
  17. Zayna85908

    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    salamalaykum I have been in TTI for a few months. am going to be 20 in one month!! HURRAY!! I had been looking for a website like this for ages and alhamdullliah i found one. The Best I have ever found!
  18. Zayna85908

    Do the dreams mean anything!!!!

    Yes dreams have alot of meaning. But bad dreams are from the devil (satan) so you should not speak about it just forget it. salam
  19. Zayna85908

    What do you want from him/her

    Okay he needs Not to make me jealous, needs to stop giving girls a lift home from his workplace actually accept we need a house and get in his mind we cannot afford a big fancy house with a wide open street And start praying fajr prayer instead of being lazy and going back to sleep wen i...
  20. Zayna85908

    The Last Two Letters

    amsterdam :D