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    Video 85 year old New Muslim with Yusuf Estes

    85 Year Old Man Accepts Islam EDIT: Merged Thread
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    Beautiful Recitations Online.
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    An Excellent Resource

    Thank you all brothers and sisters for liking the site. May Allah advance us all in Iman and knowledge.
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    Innocent Children

    May Allah have mercy upon them. Nice reminder!!
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    To western women

    Masha Allah, very beautiful and strong message sister.
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    Video Liz Becomes Muslim on February 1st 2008

    :ma: Alhamdulillah.
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    Spread Salam

    Masha Allah, great message.
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    A beautiful Quran Flash.
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    «®°·.•°.•°®»Yes-No GaMe«®°·..•°·.•°®»

    Yes, quite alot. Q. Have you ever written any plays yourself?
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    Name a surah!

    surah YaSeen (since Dhuhaa in arabic ends in a "Ya")
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    UPDATE: New Flowing Poem Suggestions??

    :salam2: Well here's my suggestion (and it's just a suggestion) My Silent Prayers Ah come my friends, I'll share with you the silent prayers I make. Throughout the day; late every night; at sunset and daybreak. see if you find it "juicy" :) :salam2:
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    Are you a brother/sister from pakistan

    simple solution bro/sis, if it was a nightmare and you woke up crying, then it was definitely Pakistan in your dream :rolleyes:.
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    Are you a brother/sister from pakistan

    well, Bhutto is a gal, and the Red Mosque is a building, so that leaves only Mush as the guy (good or bad). :) Coming to the real spirit of your question, IMHO, we are stuck among the following (cross match yourself): 1. Blind power. 2. Liberal extreme. 3. Religious fanaticism. so you...
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    Are you a brother/sister from pakistan

    :SMILY209: me me me, I am from Pakistan too. And our latest slogan: Pakistan say zinda bhaag!! :) On a more serious note, all brothers and sisters are requested to make special dua for Pakistan (and of course for all Muslims around the world). :salam2:
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    More sisters than brothers?

    :salam2: just hit the equalizer for the brothers. Come on guys, more fake identities!!! :).
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    Video New german convert

    well, the French over the German did not ruin it for me. I don't speak/understand either of the two :). :salam2:
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    an oposit word game.....

    :salam2: Summer New word: Dusk :salam2:
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    Adhaan Nasir Al Qatamwi

    :salam2: Jazakallahu Khair brother. Really loved the first one in particular. It's rather late here, and feeling refreshed after hearing the adhans. Thanks for sharing. :salam2:
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    an oposit word game.....

    well, I had "stale" in mind, but "uncreative" is correct as well. continuing with the game, Beautiful next word: expensive
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    regret if u do...regret if u don't

    :salam2: Great parable. Jazakallahu Khair. :salam2: