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  1. sharaz

    Worlds Most Beautiful Recitation!!!

    Salmaan Al-'Utaybi recites vers from surat An-Nur and Saad Al-Ghamidi recites verses from surat Az-Zumar at young age... f-PlWaS-tDg jazakallahh kheir
  2. sharaz


    Salaam, Here is a man who past away while in sujud in masjidul nabawi. Prayer is the key to Paradise,there is no excuse to miss it Picture of a worshipper in Masjid An Nabawi who passed away while in Sajda during Prayer - Allahu Akbar - What a beautiful end!!! If a praying person...
  3. sharaz

    Download high quality Quran recitations!!!

    Salaam, Found a great site where you can download high quality Quran recitations. Enjoy! JazakaAllah Kheir
  4. sharaz

    £1m Quran Sold

    Salaam A 13th century Quran has sold for a world record price of more than £1 million auction house Christie's said. The religious artefact went under the hammer in London for £1.1m - the highest amount paid for an islamic holy book. (Birmingham Mail - 25/10/07)
  5. sharaz

    **AMAZING MUST HEAR** Khaalid Al Jaleel-Surah Ibraahim

    Salaam, Recitation from Masjid Al Khayr 1427H ... He is one of my favorite reciters from the NEW generation Surah Ibraahim 1/2 Q79KM0M2gjc Surah Ibraahim 2/2 QoaZFlPiHwA JazakaAllah kheir
  6. sharaz

    MUST LISTEN (Mishary-Surah Najm) One of the best I've heard

    Salaam, The title say it all! S4m4W22nJMA JazakaAllah Kheir
  7. sharaz

    See how clever we really are! test yourself!

    Salaam, Someone send this to me to see how clever i really am. These were very clever but tricky questions. Test yourself to see if you brain is functioning properly lol. btw i got 2 right (but won't tell you which one's lol) B elow are four (4 ) questions and a bonus question. You...
  8. sharaz

    Video Irish and "loving Islam" Convert to Islam

    Salaam, Interviews a Former Christian and finds out why He chose Islam dIc5oFAva-4 JazakaAllah Kheir
  9. sharaz

    A Young muslim brother passes away

    Salaam, Two days ago it was the janazah of a 19yr old who went to help his mate who was getting the ball out of the lake. Unfortunalety his time had come and drowned. May Allah reward him in the next life and help us remind ourselves of how near death is. Make dua for this brother Inna...
  10. sharaz

    Nusaiba - Surah Ar Rahman (Must listen!)

    Salaam, Very nice and beautiful recitation from a young sister, MashaAllah CWMqH7QJu_w JazakaAllah Kheir
  11. sharaz

    Sheikh Abu Bakr Shatri - Surah Naba' (Beautiful!!)

    Salaam, MashaAllah very beautiful Recitation! Ky1MwH2gx2o JazakaAllah Kheir
  12. sharaz

    Mishary Rashid - Surah Naml

    Salaam, Recitation by Mishary Rashid in salaah of Surah Naml (with English translation) sboAvcn4_MU JazakaAllah Kheir
  13. sharaz

    Cleared Terror Suspect Speaks To Sky

    Salaam, A man accused of taking part in one of Britain's biggest ever terror plots has spoken exclusively to Sky News. Earlier this week, Nabeel Hussain was cleared of conspiring in the fertiliser bomb plot.,,30100-1263937,.html
  14. sharaz

    Recitaion by Shaikh Fahd Al Kanderi

    Salaam, A very emotional and powerful recitation of Sura al Haqqa -D_z7MjV68Y JazakaAllah kheir
  15. sharaz

    Mishary Rashid Alafasy - Surah Al Fatihah & Al Qadr Emotional!

    Salaam, Subhanallah! watch this quran recitation of surah Al Fatihah (The Opening) and Al Qadr (Night of Power) by sheikh alafasy. Emotional all the way through his recitation mashallah! ZMVeYdjL15k JazakaAllah kheir
  16. sharaz

    Nawawi Hadith's

    Salaam, Collection of Hadith's video. MashaAllah very nicely read Nawawi Hadith #1 - Actions are judged by intentions (more) tEwWHgfeOyU Nawawi Hadith #2 - Islam, Iman, Ihsan, Qadar lG7JvEhcxhg Nawawi Hadith #3 - The five pillars of Islam rD8P-9nAjGY Nawawi Hadith...
  17. sharaz

    Dua for the Ummah by Ajmy and Mishary Al Afasy

    Salaam, Sheikh Ajmi made his dua for the Mujahideen of Afghanistan when they were fighting the communist Russians. Afasy's dua is just for the whole ummah. SubhanAllah, S8rguWEwO8s JazakaAllah Kheir
  18. sharaz

    PARENTS (in Islam)

    Salaam, A collection of Hadith about parents in Islam. tikCBAt3up8 JazakaAllah kheir
  19. sharaz

    Surah Al-Qaria Ibrahiem Al-Jibrien (emotional)

    Salaam, Surah Al-Qaria read by one of my favourtie recitors. This is very emotional aswell. 4HHSatHXFc4 JazakaAllah Kheir
  20. sharaz

    Another excellent resource

    Salaam, A website like youtube: JazakaAllah kheir