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  1. Hamzabutt43

    Miracle of ALLAH(SWT)

    :salam2: mzIyMP19mLk&feature :wasalam:
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    Ahmad Bukhatir!!!

    :salam2: sRcpKpFaWDI&feature Fee amaanALLAH
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    Ahmad Bukhatir!!!

    :salam2: tRT9pJQeQ1o Fee amaanALLAH
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    Naat by Junaid Jamshed!

    :salam2: W3LvdwOJuU8& Fee amaanALLAH
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    A Beautiful Nasheed!!!

    :salam2: A Beautiful nasheed 4 my muslim brothers n sisters! Hope u all like this :) JCtKZrR75Z0 Plz make a dua 4 my maghfirat! Fee amaanALLAH
  6. Hamzabutt43

    Ummm...a Question!!!

    :salam2: I ve a sweet question 4 u all ! Has anybody experienced watching RasoolALLAH (SAW) in his/her dream??? I ve heard dat whosoever will have the zayarat of RasoolALLAH (SAW),will b a companian of the Prophet (PBUH) :) Plzzzz let me know dat! Fee amaanALLAH
  7. Hamzabutt43

    How to seek Laylatul-Qadr!

    How to seek Laylatul-Qadr By Shaykh Muhammad Nasir-ud-Deen al-Albani Adapted from "The Night Prayers: Qiyam & Tarawih from works by Muhammad Nasir ud-Deen al-Albani (and other scholars)" Compiled by Muhammad al-Jibali, © 1997 QSS Laylat ul-Qadr is the most blessed night. A person who...
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    Junaid Jamshed!

    Assalam-o-alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Some naats by junaid jamshed...hope u like these!
  9. Hamzabutt43

    Sorry for.....

    Assalam-o-alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu! My brother and sisters in Islam,I m sorry for the pic no 2 n 3...actually i was searching for Pakistani masjids on Google,below pic no 2 n 3 was written dat these belong to Pakistan,thatswhy i just posted here.... The remaining masjids r...
  10. Hamzabutt43

    Some pics from my country!

    :salam2: There are some pics of my country.... Hope u like these :) :wasalam:
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    TEN USELESS MATTERS!!! Imam ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah There are ten useless matters: 1. Knowledge that is not acted on 2. The deed that has neither sincerity nor is based on following the righteous examples of others 3. Money that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it...
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    The Prophet's(SAW) Companions!

    The Prophet's(SAW) Companions Were you there in times far gone, When girls were buried for being born When disgrace was your fate for being poor And blood was shed to settle a score. Were you there in times gone past, When honour came from time or caste. When idols of stone were...
  13. Hamzabutt43

    ALLAH won't ask......

    ALLAH Won't Ask 1. Allah won't ask what kind of car you drove, but will ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation. 2.Allah won't ask what your highest salary was, but will ask if you compromised your character or morals to obtain that salary. 3.Allah won't ask the...
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    Some more beutiful pics!!!

    Some more beautiful pics!
  15. Hamzabutt43

    Must have a look!

    :salam2: Brothers and sisters i m sharing some wallpapers with u all....reflecting that how beautifully each and every thing is created by our ALLAH (SWT) :wasalam:
  16. Hamzabutt43

    Attributes of ALLAH!

    Attributes of ALLAH Allah is the proper name of God, however, we know Him generally through His attributes. These attributes describe how Allah manifests Himself to us. God's attributes are innumerable since human intellect cannot possibly comprehend every aspect of the Supreme Being. A...
  17. Hamzabutt43

    Muslim Ummah do read this!!!

    :salam2: brothers and sisters! website has an online research going on,regarding the best man loved by most people in the world.Results are to be announced on 2nd February,2010.There are 10 nominies...Prophet Muhammad :saw2: is also in the list! Plz Plz Plz if you have an...
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    Should i not b grateful???

    SHOULD I NOT B GRATEFUL? I have a nose with which I smell the perfume of sweet flowers My hand could never make such beauty with a brush I but copy their delicate lines I have two eyes with which I see the marvels that surround me I am powerless to even make a fly why then do...
  19. Hamzabutt43

    Stand strong upon the mountain!!!

    :salam2: STAND STRONG UPON THE MOUNTAIN!!! Stand strong upon the mountain For truth is on your side Though the ground appears to break and the earth is opening wide Stand strong upon the mountain Our Deen is there to guide Though the world appears to shake Your very heart from...