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  1. ya allah madad

    month of worship-not sleep

  2. ya allah madad

    my husband is depressed

    assalamualaikum my brothers and sisters, may Allah protect you all, from the evil and bestow upon you all ,his mercy and kindness ameen thuma amenn. tti has always been a great help for me ,and all the brothers and sisters are so kind and loving that whenever ,i have a problem i come here to...
  3. ya allah madad

    am i responsible for this?

    assalamualaikum brothers and sisters i miss my tti very much.gone are the days when i would spend hours reading this and that on i cant if i want to because i have my own world to look after.lets come to the point brother and sisters i and my sister in law are good friends(at least i...
  4. ya allah madad

    help about the ayah

    assalamualaikum brothers and sisters i was reading the noble Quran with translation and i had read an ayah which said(i dont remember the exact translation but the essence) " if you dont listen to me i will change you with others" could please help me enlightin about this ayah of the noble Quran
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    THE DATE AND ITS USES AS DESCRIBED IN THE QUR'AN In a number of Qur'anic verses, the humble date is honoured as one of the blessings of Paradise. (Qur'an, 55:68) When this fruit is examined, it can be seen to have a great many important features. One of the oldest known species of plant, the...
  6. ya allah madad

    HAARP and pakistan floods.

    Pakistan floods are engineered sISdgA0NbRM&feature=related
  7. ya allah madad

    flood in pakistan

    4S5UcRirp7g&feature=related The quality of video is bad but you can see the people who jumped were safe but those who didnt were smashed into pieces inna lilah wa inna illahi raji'un
  8. ya allah madad

    Pakistan Flood Appeal

  9. ya allah madad

    AIDS Virus Made in a Lab

  10. ya allah madad

    The Goodly Life

  11. ya allah madad

    sister khangul****

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! Allah blessed my sister Khangul with a beautiful son she has 3 beautiful daughters and a son.she was so desperate and nervous but Allah made all her tribulations easy and bestowed her with what she wanted Alhamdulillah.all praise be to...
  12. ya allah madad

    Danyal A.S and 2012

    :salam2: Hollywood movie 2012 is making new records and shattering the old ones. its about the dooms day .i read a verse of Torah in which Danyal A.S prophecies about the land of evil and its "dooms day" i don't know the number and chapter of that verse but i do remember that a king asks...
  13. ya allah madad

    America's Funniest Muslim

    its so hilarious QIMPFCU7lhU
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    ya ikhwati

    beautiful nasheed .can someone translate this for me please. eB4AClAXzTA
  15. ya allah madad

    2 years old girl answering about islam(cute)

    a very cute girl answering about at her pronouncing OMMM HAKIM sho shweet L0vJFymcUeA
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    Islam Was In America Before Christopher Columbus

  17. ya allah madad

    AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ya allah madad

    dajjal,the anti christ

    :salam2: may my words find you in the best of imaan and health ameen thuma ameen. eid mubarak to all my brothers and sisters. we discuss sharee problems often and we are mashallah very well aware of most of them.we discuss salah related problems,social and ethical issues but what we dont discuss...
  19. ya allah madad

    take a look at this

    this is for pc game lovers but what amazed me is JUBA. do u know about JUBA? Fazzf8yTXPc tMmLjR_MdK4&feature=related