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  1. alkathiri

    Not enjoining good and forbidding evil

    Below is an advice by Hamad bin ‘Atiq an-Najdi to Muslims, where he quoted what ibn qayim said. al-Qayyim said: “The Religion is not just leaving off outer prohibitions. Rather, it is to fulfill what Allah Loves along with this. Most religious people today don’t do this except when it comes to...
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    GVJ Phase III: Adopt a Prisoner Program

    Welcome to Phase III: Adopt a Prisoner Program As you can see the instructions on the flyer, this project is quiet simple as it doesn’t involve much work but will achieve a lot of benefit for our imprisoned brethren and ourselves, insha’Allaah. The aim of our ”Adopt a prisoner” campaign is...
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    A Gift to the Du'at: The 'Ibadah of al-Muraghamah (Angering the Kuffar)

    Ibn al-Qayyim said in 'Madarij as-Salikin' (1/222-223): "...the firmer he is when calling to Allah and fulfilling His commands, the more the enemy becomes intent upon tempting him through foolish people. So, he has essentially put on his body armor when facing this obstacle, and has taken it...
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    Qaradawi: Muslim Ummah is duty-bound to defend Gaza

    Qaradawi: Muslim Ummah is duty-bound to defend Gaza DOHA, (PIC)-- Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi has affirmed Friday that the Muslim Ummah from Morocco to Indonesia was duty-bound to defend the Gaza Strip, and to protect Muslim lands from the enemies. "Supporting the...
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    UN commisioner General for relief say indirectly Hamas was NOT the one who starte

    gjczFig_Z48 Another big lie from the Zionist. Another lie was that someone(i think it was Mark Regev) the attack on gaza was in retaliation for the qassam rockets. Guess what ,hey later admit they wanted to get rid of Hamas , which was democratically elected by the Palestineans.
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    Ulema fatwa on Palestine

    Praise be to Allaah. 1- You have to make du’aa’, and recite du’a’ al-qunoot in your salaah (prayer). 2- Collect charity and send it through trustworthy channels. 3- Support the weak and oppressed in all ways, including the media and the internet. 4- Get scholars...
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    Why Anas(RadiAllahanhu) Rubbed His Hands With Oil

    Why Anas Rubbed His Hands With Oil I sometimes see brothers doing this, and I thought it was nice to find this narration supporting it as a practice of the Companions. In al-Bukhari’s ‘al-Adab al-Mufrad’ (1012), it’s reported from Thabit al-Bunani that he said: “When Anas would wake up, he...
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    How the Believer Relaxes

    How the Believer Relaxes “…The stronger a person’s connection with his Lord becomes, the more he will feel relaxed. This is why they said to Ibn al-Mubarak: “Who are the kings?” So, he replied: “Those who abstain from the worldly pleasures.” They asked him: “Who are the lowest of people?” He...
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    Al-A'mash - funny scholar (of the Taabi'oon)

    One of the scholars who is most interesting to read about is the Tabi’i Sulayman bin Mihran (died 148 H), also known as al-A’mash (one who has weak vision). al-A’mash had quite an interesting personality, as he was very pious and knowledgeable while also having a rough, sarcastic attitude that...
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    How Many People(peace be upon him) Did the Prophet Ever Kill?

    How Many People Did the Prophet Ever Kill? “…And bravery is defined by two things: a) the strength and firmness of the heart in the face of fears, and b) physical strength when fighting, such that one can kill with immense force and magnitude. The first is the definition of bravery. As...
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    Video Anglican bishop finds Islam

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    Gaza in Crisis

    :salam2: DSzn7XLLM7c
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    Yusuf estes Tour in Malaysia

    THE MALAYSIAN TOUR 2008 This Channel is for the videos of Yusuf Estes's lectures in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia From the period of 21st to 28th November 2008. *FOR MAXIMUM BENEFIT - PLEASE USE THE PLAYLISTS*
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    Our attitude towards Yazeed ibn Mu’aawiyah

    His name was Yazeed ibn Mu’aawiyah ibn Abi Sufyaan ibn Harb ibn Umayaah al-Umawi al-Dimashqi. Al-Dhahabi said: he was the commander of that army during the campaign against Constantinople, among which were people such as Abu Ayyoob al-Ansaari. Yazeed was appointed by his father as his heir...
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    Fiqh lesson: Spies

    Spies. The spy is the one who spies on the Muslims and transmits information to their enemies. The evidence for that is the report narrated by al-Bukhaari (3007) and Muslim (2494) which says that Haatib ibn Abi Balta’ah wrote to some of the mushrikeen in Makkah telling them some information...
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    The headbangers

    Go to the link and watch the video below.
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    A christian renouncing Christianity

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    How to Cut Up a Chicken with Scissors

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    Great Hadith!!!

    The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "Some people will come on the Day of Judgement and their Imaan will be outstanding, it's light will shine from their chests and from their right hands. So it will be said to them, 'Glad tidings for you today, Assalamu 'alaikum and...