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  1. John Smith

    Flight MH370.

    As Salam walyakum. Just wanted to ask all to make Dua for our Muslim brothers & sisters aboard flight MH370. Allah knows best what has happened to this aircraft & its passengers, but i can't help but feel pain & helplessness for the families involved. All the speculation involving the pilots...
  2. John Smith

    Funeral prayer request

    As Salam walyakum. I have a request from family members of Shoaib Khan who lost his life in a car crash early hours of Monday morning in the Moseley area of Birmingham. The request is we all remember Shoaib in our dua's & we ask Allah SWT in the best of ways to ease the path to Jannat al...
  3. John Smith

    Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory

    Startling New Claims About Egypt’s New Ruler By wmw_admin on September 21, 2013 Kevin Barrett — Veterans Today Sept 16, 2013 Al-Sisi’s a Jew! Egypt is Now Israeli-Occupied Territory The Greater Israel Project – a long-standing Zionist scheme to steal all the land between the Nile and the...
  4. John Smith

    Mehdi Hassan

    Mehdi Hassan. What's the deal with this guy? He comes across very pro Iranian/Shia.
  5. John Smith

    Two Earthquakes in Makkah (Dream)

    :salam: I hope & pray all my brothers & sisters are well & in good faith. Just wanted to ask a question regarding dreams. My eldest son this morning mentioned his dream to me. He is 5 years old & in his dream he saw 2 earthquakes in Makkah,i know of the hadith of our beloved Prophet...
  6. John Smith


    :salam: Just been asked a question wether it is permissable for Muslim men to get tattoo's without the use of Allah's creations image's, just like bands and patterns?. Do we have any info to back the reasons whjy not? I explained that they will change how Allah Swt has created us but they...
  7. John Smith


    :salam: I hope you all are in good health & Iman. Question i want to ask and advise that i need is that i have an issue with my son Muhammad who is 3 years old. He is such a pleasant child who is excellent at school & at the the place where we send him to learn Salat,Dua's,Islam etc etc...
  8. John Smith

    Great British Islam

    I hope you enjoy this documentry as much as i have.
  9. John Smith


    As Salam Walaykum, Im going to keep this short & sweet. My Journey is close to coming to an end on the forum, there is nothing posotive i can offer the forum other than what already has been offered. I hope i have not offened anyone and i ask for your forgiveness if i have done...
  10. John Smith


    As Salams. Guys & Gal's i just want to touch base with you and ask for some of your much needed help. When i needed answers or direction in life regarding my faith or to read some thought provoking quotes i would turn too TTI. I used to be a ghost user,looking in without registartion...
  11. John Smith

    Syria Vs Israel

    With the recent attack by the Israeli Occupation Forces on a target in Syria which side of the fence as a Muslim would you sit on?. Defend Syria or Israel?.
  12. John Smith

    Poisoned Hearts II - In Defence Of The Household Of The Prophet (saw) Seminar

    At my local masjid this. Greenlane Birmingham.
  13. John Smith

    Ignore List

    Can someone answer the question please. If i have placed someone on the Ignore List can they still send me private PM's if so how do i stop them the Pm's? Thanks
  14. John Smith

    Egyptian court acquits Mohammed Zawahiri and brother of Sadat’s assassin

    An Egyptian military court on Monday acquitted Mohammed al-Zawahiri, the brother of al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman, and Mohammed Islambouli, whose Islamist brother Khaled assassinated president Anwar Sadat in 1981. The two had been convicted of convicted of planning militant attacks. “Thank God...
  15. John Smith


    :salam2: Can someone please point me in the right direction over my avatar,i have an individual on the forum who thinks its against the fitra for me to show a mask? or something alongside those lines which has left me further confused as to where they want to take the subject, I get the jist...
  16. John Smith

    The West Wing - Holy Land Map

    I could not find an " Entertainment Thread " so i have placed this video here,i hope you agree with me that i was pleased to see this video today.
  17. John Smith

    Israeli rabbi prays for Mubarak to be saved from his enemies

    Israeli rabbi prays for Mubarak to be saved from his enemies Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of Israel’s ultra-orthodox religious political party Shas, paid tribute to the ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in his Saturday night sermon and prayed for God to “save him from his...
  18. John Smith

    The Hitler Speech They Don't Want You To Hear

    :salam2: Please take time to listen to this speech by hitler,you would think he was talking about bush and obama and our present situations in the land of muslims.
  19. John Smith

    Signs Of the Hour

    :salam2: With all the trials taking shape in the world would it be safe to say that we are now seeing the begining of the End of Days? Have actions around the world taken shape for the forthcoming war that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spoke about?