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    Quran Ambiguous Ayat (Mutashabihat ) in the Qur’an

    Benefits of the presence of Mutashabihat which are possible to contemplate on Firstly: The presence of Mutashabihat encourages the scholars to look and search deeper, and to uncover the hidden details and find the precise meanings underlying the verse. Being motivated to pursue this knowledge...
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    TurnToIslam A unique miracle of the Qur’an

    If someone asks ‘why should I believe in the Qur’an‘ or ‘why should I take the Qur’an to be the word of God‘ then the answer to that is simple. The Qur’an is the only book which claims to be from God. No other scripture even makes this claim. The claim of the Qur’an is that all of it is the Word...
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    Question: Is the challenge of the Qur’an subjective?

    One of the most frequently asked questions about the challenge of the Qur’an is: Is such a challenge fair or is it subjective? Anyone who knows language will know it follows rules. Since it follows rules there is a standard to judge by. So there is no subjectivity. Subjectivity is when there...
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    Medical Benefits from Circumcision

    Circumcision should be offered ‘like vaccines’ to the parents of baby boys, new study : It reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by...
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    Why do Muslims Pray in Arabic ?

    The question some times is asked as to why should a Muslim pray only in Arabic language and not his mother tongue. It may first seem logical that every Muslim should pray through his own mother language, so that he may understand what he say; but a little more thinking and study, we shall find...
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    Voici les dernières paroles et recommandations du Prophéte MUHAMMAD.
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    Quran Le lait dans le Coran

    Sourate El-Nahl*: وإن لكم في الأنعام لعبرة نسقيكم مما في بطونه من بين فرث ودم لبنا خالصا سآئغا للشاربين En français*: Sourate El-Nahl 66. Il y a certes un enseignement pour vous dans les bestiaux : Nous vous abreuvons de ce qui est dans leurs ventres d’entre ’’Farth’’ et sang d’un lait...
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    Question: How can women, donkeys and dogs interrupt Salah/Prayers ?

    Question: How can women, donkeys and dogs interrupt Salah/Prayers ? Answer: Praise be to God, Imam An-Nawawi said: قَالَ مَالِكٌ وَأَبُو حَنِيفَةَ وَالشَّافِعِيُّ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُمْ وَجُمْهُورُ الْعُلَمَاءِ مِنَ السَّلَفِ وَالْخَلَفِ لَا تَبْطُلُ الصَّلَاةُ بِمُرُورِ شَيْءٍ مِنْ...
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    Question: Are 4 witnesses needed to prove rape ?

    َQuestion: َIs this true ? Answer: Praise be to Allaah. Nothing in Quran or Prophet's traditions suggest what you say. Rape is an abhorrent crime that is forbidden in all religions and in the minds of all wise people and those who are possessed of sound human nature. All earthly systems and...
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    Serious قوله تعالى "وَإِنْ مِنْكُمْ إِلاَّ وارِدُها "

    قال تعالى: وَيَقُولُ الْإِنْسَانُ أَإِذَا مَا مِتُّ لَسَوْفَ أُخْرَجُ حَيًّا (66) أَوَلَا يَذْكُرُ الْإِنْسَانُ أَنَّا خَلَقْنَاهُ مِنْ قَبْلُ وَلَمْ يَكُ شَيْئًا (67) فَوَرَبِّكَ لَنَحْشُرَنَّهُمْ وَالشَّيَاطِينَ ثُمَّ لَنُحْضِرَنَّهُمْ حَوْلَ جَهَنَّمَ جِثِيًّا (68) ثُمَّ لَنَنْزِعَنَّ مِنْ...
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    COOL! Les prophéties du Coran

    Le Coran contient plusieurs prophéties qui se sont réalisées, mais nous ne parlerons que de cinq d’entre elles dans cet article.[1] Les deux premières sont remarquables : contrairement au autres Écritures, le Coran fait une prédiction à son propre sujet lorsqu’il affirme que, par la volonté de...
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    TurnToIslam Was Jesus the word of God? Is Jesus created ?

    1. Muslims do not consider the Qur’an an independent identity that equals Allah (Glory be to Him) for it is not self-emerging speech; it is His Speech whom He spoke and revealed on the heart of His Prophet. His Speech is an integral Attribute of His. Adjective is adherent to its object [or...
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    Question: Why Is Prophet Muhammad Mentioned in the Shahadah?

    There are mainly two aspects of the significance of the second part of the Shahadah, namely: “Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of Allah”. Prophet Muhammad Came With the Final Revelation First: Allah Almighty is the Transcendental Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Who does not...
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    TurnToIslam Name of Jesus (pbuh)

    The word "`EESA" () in the Qur'an comes from "`EESHO" () in Aramaic, a language which predates Hebrew by several hundred years and never had any etymological ties with the Hebrew derivative "YESHUA" () or even the word "E'SAU" () Since the language Jesus (pbuh) spoke and taught was Aramaic...
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    Allahu Akbar! Prophet Muhammad was not Mentally Ill !

    Why the Prophet Muhammad was not Mentally Ill: Part I – Schizophrenia (Tayyab Pirzada) نٓ‌ۚ وَٱلۡقَلَمِ وَمَا يَسۡطُرُونَ مَآ أَنتَ بِنِعۡمَةِ رَبِّكَ بِمَجۡنُونٍ۬ “By the inkstand and by the pen and by that which they write. You [Muhammad] are not, by the grace of your Lord, mentally ill.”...
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    Question: Why is God always reffered as 'He'?

    In the Arabic language, there in no pronoun with a neutral gender equivalent to the English “it”. (Even in English, this neutral gendered pronoun is not to be used for beings possessing the attributes of knowledge, power and will. In English, it would be a sign of disrespect to use the pronoun...