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    Hold your breath?Abdelbasset rahimahoullah

    :salam2:This is great to listen to.Mashallah! OgA7b4o5Wx4
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    Khawla bint Al Azwar

    :salam2:I thought to share this with you guys.
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    Malek Bennabi one of the greatest muslim thinkers of the past century.

    :salam2:I thought it was important for you guys to know about him,especially due to the current events,as some are foolishly crying out basically for a duplication of the so called western model of governance,an assimilative attitude instead of one which could transform the world for the...
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    Tunisia:No to prostitution in Muslim countries

    :salam2:For me prostitution should be fought everywhere,even in western countries Muslims must stand up and say no to this degradation and marginalization of women.Although Muslim countries must facilitate marriage for crying out loud,educate and share the resources equitably, where are the...
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    My two cents to The Aicha (R.A) ClosedThread

    :salam2:Grrrr Irritating when someone is writing down an answer and people just close it.You click the button to post it,it tells you thread closed.Could you please check next time to see if somebody is replying,jazakum Allah khair.:) One gives up of his time to try and contribute.He ends up...
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    Algeria to Lift State of Emergency

    :salam2:After the numerous concessions the Government in Algeria Gave following the Manifestations and clashes in Early January.On the Oil And sugar prices that were immediately sunk for a period of 8 months!I guess the government is doing good steps may it carry on inshallah.If it is not here...
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    Egypt A Breeze of hope

    :salam2: I don 't see why we look down at ourselves so much,there is a difference between humility,the belief in Quadr and self pity and laziness .We have the power to change things,what are we afraid of subhanallah,we have the word of Allah swt, the youth(60 to 70 percent of the population in...
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    Thousands protest in Jordan

    :salam2:I Just wanted to share as we are all mostly reading about what is going on in Egypt.This also happened today.
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    I didn't know that Shaq was Muslim

    :salam2:I just stumbeled upon this stuff, Question:Is Shaquille O'Neal A Muslim? Yes he is. He had Islam in his life through some close family members, and has recently converted entirely to Islam and started practicing the Islamic pillars including doing pilgrimage (HAJJ) which he will...
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    How to improve memory,some tips and technics

    :salam2: How to Improve Your Memory Tips and Techniques for Memory Enhancement
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    Fiqh Of Love

    :salam2: Fiqh Of Love So you’ve known this sister/brother for a while now, and you’ve realized that you’ve come to love them and would like to get married to them. However, you’re stumped on what to do next. You feel guilty for feeling this way and think that you’re...
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    The lonely mind

    :salam2:A thought provoking poem i came across. Who are you? Do you think you are light? No Do you think you are bright? No Who are you? You are not what they call you, You are not what they say about you, You are not: From the country you were born, The religion they...
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    The Ants Kingdom

    :salam2:I Never thought of feminists finding comfort in a monarchy ,apart from the English of course.:) Written by Catalina Toma If only you took your time to find more information about it you’d surely start to appreciate it. But, there is a saying stating that first things should come...
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    Modern Islamic Polity in the making

    :salam2: Modern Islamic Polity in the Making Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann Institute of Policy Studies, 2001, Pakistan This is Dr. Hofmann's presentation at Islamic Research Institute. IIU, Islamabad. We have made it part of the book because content and theme-wise this...
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    The Alchemist of Hapiness ,Imam al Ghazali s life documentary

    :salam2:A great documentary about one of the greatest scholars of Islam.Mothers don t bring scholars like this to the world anymore with, intellect faith,passion and spiritual depth.I hope you like it.May Allah swt grant us Ulamaa of this caliber to advice us in the future inshallah.And may Imam...
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    3.God Cousciousness Imam Al Ghazali bidayat al hidaya

    :salam2:Taqwa/piety/God consciousness The word Taqwa comes from the word وقى to mean protect or guard oneself against something. Someone who has Taqwa guards themselves against all types of harm and this shall be explained, in sha Allah. This word is extremely difficult to translate...
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    Zainab bint Muhammed R.Anhuma

    :salam2: Stories of the Sahabah A LOVE STORY This is the love story between Zainab bint Muhammad and Abu El'Ass ibn Rabee'; Zainab was the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) and her cousin Abu El'Ass, was Khadeeja's (RA) nephew. He was one of the nobles of the Quraish, and the Prophet (SAW)...
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    Who is Barakah?

    :salam2:I tought it was a nice story to share with you guys. Stories of the Sahaba Who Is Barakah? (R.A.) We do not know precisely how the young Abyssinian girl ended up for sale in Makkah. Nor do we know her 'roots'— who was her mother, her father or her ancestors. There were many like...
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    2.Hospitality In Islam

    :salam2:Hospitality in Islam Question: My husband and I are in disagreement over a particular issue regarding visitors to our home. My view is that if someone calls and says they would like to come visit on a particular day, the husband should check with the wife to see if this day is a good...