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    If its hard to pray, can I combine prayers ?

    Salam So lets say if you are going somewhere and you you are not going to be home early can I combine prayers ?
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    5 lesser-known benefits of having a beard (Fox News)

    salam From sprouting a little scruff to going straight-up Zach Galifianakis, there's good reason to take a break from your razor this summer—and not just because it can speed up your morning routine. Research shows that growing a beard is actually the key to keeping you younger-looking...
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    Question: Can I pray a Sunnah Prayer after an Obligatory Prayer ?

    Salam So after praying Asr , I prayed a two rakat prayer because I felt like doing it and someone told me that I am not allowed to pray an additional prayer after Asr. So my question is can I pray an additional two rakat after praying any Obligatory prayer ? Thank You and May Allah SWT...
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    Ronald Davis ( his message to all of us ) Extremely touching

    Salam Please help others that are less fortunate than you are and accept what you have . !
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    Problem Is killing innocent Israelis justifiable ?

    Salam My dad thinks so. I got SO ANGRY when my dad said that when israelis die its not a bad thing even when they are innocent is that a right thing to say ? He even said that suicide bombers are doing a noble thing, is that right ? This is what I know, You cannot kill yourself and cannot...
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    Congregational Prayers

    Salam I know praying together is important but I have no easy access to the mosque so how about praying together at home ? Can I still pray alone though ? at home when the mosque is not close ?
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    Is being Gay a birth defect or Influence ?

    Salam As you all may be aware, the government is considering wether to legalize gay marriage on the Federal level or not. Its on the news. This case made think If being a homosexual is inherit to some people. Gay people say that they are born attracted to the same sex and some say that it is...
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    Help with Tahajjud Prayer

    Salam Ive searched the net for How-tos but none gave me a good enough info. I want to know In Witr prayer, what Surah I must recite ? When Praying , when can I make Dua ? After I give my Salams or during Sujood ? Are there Duas I must recite before or after Tahajjud ? These are the...
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    Help With Quran!

    Salam I was reading Surat Al-Buruj and Allah SWT Starts the chapter by Saying "By" "By the sky with its towering constellations, by the promised Day, by the Witness and that which is Witnessed,...." (Surah 85) What is Allah SWT saying by using "By" ? Thank You and God Bless!
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    Is there Dua for longer life?

    Salam So i remembered one time hearing a lecture that if you say something your life can be extended. I thought that our life and like when die and all is already determined by Allah SWT ? Can anyone shed light in this. I read somewherer that the evil eye is real and that if you commit the...
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    Sign petition for Shaker Aamer's release

    :salam2: ‘None of you (truly) believes, until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.’ [Sahih alBukhari] If you want freedom for yourself, then also want this for your brothers - Shaker Aamer is a British resident, with the right to return, who has been held at Guantanamo Bay...
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    what Surahs are best to recite for a dying relative!

    :salam2: my Auntie has cancer and she does not have long.Are there any special Surahs to recite in these circumstances ? Or any acts of worship ? Thank You and Pray that Allah SWT Forgives her and Bless her with Jannatul Firdaus if Allah SWT has decided to Take her soul. Thank You
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    A Humble christian Question ( another forum )

    :salam2: So this christian wants something to be understood.I could not understand what he was trying to say or ask but this is his question. The way I see it is that the soul is feminine and the spirit masculine. So in our scriptures we are the bride of Christ and it is like we are to...
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    How did Jesus Look Like according to two Hadiths! Abit confused

    :salam2: This is one hadith Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0325: It is narrated on the authority of Ibn 'Umar that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: I saw near the Ka'bah a man of fair complexion with straight hair, placing his hands on two persons. Water was flowing from...
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    Which Prophet Suffered the greatest ?

    :salam2: Cant really say much in the description but I would like to know which Prophet of Allah SWT suffered the most ? Thank You And May Allah SWT Bless you all !
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    Is the evil eye real ?

    :salam2: I was reading on this and I came across the subject of evil eye that It can kill people , I doubt because it doesnt sound like its from Islam.I thought magic and witchcraft are nothing more than fake.I also read that if someone is effected by an evil eye you must ask that person to...
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    Help With this hadith

    :salam2: Hi I heard of a hadith that Hazrat Umar RA beheaded a man because he didnt agree with the Prophet Mohamed PBUH and then the verse Chapter 4 verse 65 was revealed in support of Hazrat Umar RA. I read from a source that this is a weak hadith but I want more informtation on the topic...
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    "Prophet Mohamed PBUH Gentle Caring Loving" A nice read

    :salam2: In his daily life, while he was preoccupied by attacks, treachery and his enemies’ thirst for revenge, he remained mindful of the details of life and of the expectations of those around him, constantly allying rigor and the generosity of fraternity and forgiveness. His...
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    Can I read All of Surat Al Kahf or part of it

    Must I read All of Surat Al Kahf or part of it on friday ? :salam2: For Fridays it is recommended that we read Surat Al-Kahf but Do we need to read the whole chapter or just part of it will do in-order for our recitation to be accpeted ? Thank you And May Allah SWT Bless you all!
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    Can anyone help me with this ? (Concerning Allah's SWT's Names)

    :salam2: Hi I just got this book and it contains Allah's SWT's Beautiful 99 Names.And at the bottom it tells the reader what good can come out of Allah's Names If you repeat them several times.But some of those descriptions I have never heard before Such as: Al-Ahad: "He who repeats this...