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    Mind Maps/ Spider Diagrams

    :salam2: Inshallah this finds you all in good health. I need to do a mind map as part of my course but am struggling in doing this on my pc. I tried using word but it this looks unprofessional. Does anyone know how I can make a decent looking mind map or is this a program I can download...
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    Muslim Retreats

    :salam2: Inshallah this finds you all in good health. I was wondering if any of you knew of any Muslim retreats in Europe?? I am at a stage where I feel I need more time to reflect on my religion & thought this would be a good experience, inshallah. :wasalam: Sis Aisha
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    Life Insurance

    :salam2: Inshallah this finds you all in good health. Someone mentioned to me recently that life insurance is haram, but wasnt sure why. Is this true?? Does anyone know anything about this topic?? I was looking into taking out life cover so when something happens to me, my family dont...
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    new to the site

    :salam2: Welcome brother to the site :wasalam:
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    Hijab Debate Alarms Spanish Muslims

    Hijab Debate Alarms Spanish Muslims By Al-Amin Andalusi, IOL Correspondent Image The Spanish government has called for a debate on the wearing of religious insignia in public places. MADRID — The Spanish government's decision to debate the issue of religious symbols, including hijab, in...
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    Trousers for women??

    :salam2: Inshallah you are all in good health I read an article recently which said that women should wear trousers as this is what men wear. I wear baggy trousers as do many sisters I see. Can someone clarify this situation?? Thanx in advance :wasalam: Sis Aisha
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    :salam2: My GP was strongly recommended I take up swimming to help my a medical condition. I cant go swimming as people will see me in a bathing suit which is allowed. I have seen you can buy a bathing suit which has leggings & sleeves, like the ones professional swimmers wear. Are...
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    The Invalidators of Islaam

    :salam2: Inshallah, you will find this useful: First: From the ten invalidators is shirk (associating partners) in the worship of Allaah. Allaah the Exalted says: "Verily Allaah does not forgive that you associate partners with Him, but He forgives whatever is below that for whoever...
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    Sister in need.....

    :salam2: all I have a problem which I hope you can help me with...... I am due to visit my parents in a few days & am worried about wearing my hijab. My parents know I have reverted & are fine with that but I really dont know how they will take to me wearing my hijab. I have seen the look...
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    Hands in prayer

    Asalam brothers & sister of Islam I was wondering if you could help me on a matter I am confused on, another I hear you say, lol My father in law recently passed away & due to this we have been praying more that normal. Lots of people have been coming to the house & I have noticed that the...
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    Contraception in Islam

    Assalamu alaykum Can anyone tell me if any what forms on contraception are acceptable in Islam? Salam
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    Hijab, tradition or religion??

    Assalam Alaykum I am really confused about the covering of the head in Islam. I cant find anywhere in the Quran where it says about covering the head/hair. It mentions to be modest but not about covering. I have read that it is more of a tradition than part of Islam. Can someone help...
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    Great Website

    Assalam Alaikum I would like to thank everyone on this site. I have been quite ill the last few weeks but being able to log onto this site & watch the various videos has really kept me going, mashallah. Keep up the great work Aisha
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    Help needed from sisters

    Assalamu alaykum I am a recent revert looking for the help of any sisters living in the watford (north london) area. I dont know many ppl here & would like to meet other sisters to help me on my journey. Salaam Aisha