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    HELP -- Need Advice on my Trials

    AssalamualaikumnBrother... you should understand the punishment for this abhorrent sin..... please look out for it... and don't think that u are not able to control urself... this will help shaitaan to tease u in this matter.... Guard urself by reading more and more Quran and Ayatal Kursi and...
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    Assalamualaikum to all.... We at India are having Eid tomorrow... Pray for us all... specially for people in Myanmar and Indian state of assam... May ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta'la preserve them and restore peace to them and increase their levels in Jannah.... May ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta'la...
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    An Eid Gift: Photos from Al-Aqsa!

    Alhamdulillah Nice pics... EID MUBARAK TO ALL....
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    Thanx a lot brother... this was helpful!!!! By the way iwas looking for a daily schedule of tasks to be done during ramadan to make it more productive.... May Allah (Subhanahu wa ta'la )bless this ummah...
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    Assalamualaikum there, Hope u are in best of Eeman and health ... First of all congratulations for this wonderful month, in which Allah(Subhanahu wa ta'la) showers his blessings the way none of us can Imagine... May Allah bless us all in this month and forgive our sins and show the path of...
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    My Terrorism Case

    :salam2: Alhamdulillah, May Allah protect u brother.... He is the best helper... AllahuAkbar
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    The Tricks Of The Devil ..

    Alhamdulillah , Nice Post dear.. I liked everything about the article except for the link you posted[No offences ] in that video Shaitaan[the companion of Blazing Hell Fire] is shown but in reality for the shooting purpose a Human must have dressed like him... This is what i did'nt...
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    Questions & Answers on Innovations

    Reply SalaatutTasbih is not a bidah... Infact it is one of the clearly defined matters by Messenger of Allah [Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam].... You should pray it... it a wonderful and Rewarding Salaah...
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    Useless Deeds

    :salam2: Alhamdulillah, Nice Hadith.... Is the example in the end quoted in the Hdith or u have explained it ?
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    Advice of Ibrahim (A.S.) to Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

    Alhamdulillah, Gr8 piece of advice from ourr father.... "SubhanAllahi WalhamuduLillahi Wa La Ilaaha IllAllahu WAllahuAbar"
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    Dream about Dajjal??

    :wasalam: Dear sister, My friend once told me that he once had dream like this. In his dream was dajjal trying to behead him. But as soon as he approached him he started to read "Aytal Qursi" and the dream and dajjal both vanished. Allah (SWT) has putted great powers in Quran Shareef. Its...
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    Revert Story: My Muslim Bully