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    Learn about Allah: Islamic Cartoon

    Assalamualykum to all the parents out there :blackhijab: If you would like to teach your children about Allah (SWT), we have launched an islamic cartoon series available on YouTube dedicated to teaching about Allah. For more details please visit "The Misri Bunch" are a...
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    New Islamic Cartoon OUT NOW!

    Assalamualykum to the Ummah :D Qkids have released an Islamic DVD called "Misri Bunch". The DVD series will concentrates on teaching the young viewers about the Creator (Allah All Mighty). The gang go through exciting stories which helps to explain who The Creator (Allah or God as referred...
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    New Islamic Kids Show

    QadimoonKids (QKids) presents 'Misri Bunch'. A brand new islamic children show teaching the names of Allah. For more information please visit misribunch[dot]com and sign-up to view episode 1 FREE! YouTube = Misri Bunch :muslim_child: "The Misri Bunch" are a group of friends who...