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  1. fatima1994


    :salam2: How's everyone? I hvnt been here since such a long time... idk if anyone remember's meh anymore :D i was a frequent user of tti long ago ;) I hope everything's going good with you all by grace of Allah Inshallah... Remember me in ur dua's and do pray for my grandfather he's very...
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    Pakistan’s Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer Assassinated..

    :salam2: ISLAMABAD:Pakistan’s Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, an outspoken leader of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, was assassinated by one of his security guards in a gun attack at a market in the heart of Islamabad on Tuesday. Forty-six-year-old Taseer was getting into his car...
  3. fatima1994

    Eid ul Adha Mubarak to everyone!

    :salam2: EID MUBARAK! :D Inshallah hope everyone has a great one. :D :wasalam: :D
  4. fatima1994

    =( need dua

    :salam2: I hope everyone's in the best of health and iman. I've not been feeling well since the last few days :( Please make dua for me. Jzakallah khair. :wasalam:
  5. fatima1994

    Excellent Article - Cartoons and Comics‏

    :salam2: I got this as an email from a friend and i'd like to share it with you all :) Cartoons and Comics – A Call to Maturity and Self-Determination A Call To Maturity and Self-Determination by Abdul Sattar So it’s happened again. They decided to republish the cartoons. Perhaps it...
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    Make dua please...

    :salam2: I hope everyone is in the best of health. My mother isnt feeling well. Please make dua for her. Jzakallah khair.... May Allah(swt) bless you. :wasalam:
  7. fatima1994

    Pakistani court orders gov't to block Facebook

    :salam2: LAHORE, Pakistan A Pakistani court ordered the government Wednesday to block Facebook because of a page that encourages users to post images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, a senior legal official said. The page on the social networking site has generated criticism in Pakistan and...
  8. fatima1994

    Too little too late- Hunza (Pakistan)

    :salam2: LOCATION: Northen Area (Hunza, Pakistan) THE situation in Hunza is dire to say the least. Indeed, the lake, which has already taken a heavy toll on life and infrastructure of the region, even inundating a large chunk of the Karakorum Highway, now threatens to devour thousands of...
  9. fatima1994

    Pakistan airport stops man with circuits in shoes

    :salam2: Pakistan airport stops man with circuits in shoes KARACHI, Pakistan — Pakistani airport authorities detained a passenger after electrical circuits and batteries were found in the soles of his tennis shoes, an airport security official said Monday. Officials were investigating...
  10. fatima1994

    Pray for them please oh and me too!:D

    :salam2: I hope everyone here's in the best of health... I just made this thread bcuz sis Seeking Allah's mercy and HIBBA2009 have there final exams going on and they didnt get a chance to post the thread to ask fr dua. So i did, :lol: as i have so much time on my hand these days as my finals...
  11. fatima1994

    Key militant commander among six killed in Swat

    :salam2: MINGORA: A key militant commander was killed along with his five comrade-in-arms in two different incidents in Swat on Monday, a security official said. One security man was also wounded in the action. In a major raid, since the end of Operation Rah-i-Rast in July last, security...
  12. fatima1994

    IM BACK!!!!! @[email protected] :D:D:D

    SALAM TO ALL!!!! Hope everyone is in the best of health..... Well i was *away* for a long time:(:( but.... IM BACK NOW!!! :lol: :lol: :shymuslima1: :wasalam:
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    Going away for sumtime='(

    :salam2: Hope everyone is in the best of health. i dont like to come and go unannounced:lol: anyways I wont be able to come here on tti for sumtime :(:(:(:(:(:(:( cuz we moving our house and i dunno when the net is again connected to my PC as my finals are in march so probably in april :lol...
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    The Excuse Game!

    :salam2: You tell the person below you to do something, and they make an excuse or reason not to. example: Give me that pizza! then the person below me would say something like: But I ate it. :lol: and P.S no rude questions:p just ask funny & random ones! :D Oh and u can answer...
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    Never ending sentence!

    :salam2: This is pretty much Self Explanitory. Add one word to the sentence each time. P.S add any funny random word etc. Dont post 2 times in a row wait for another user to post. For example: User 1 : there User 2: was etc etc lOlx hope ya got it :lol: No grammer rules :D :lol...
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    Britain's High Class Are Flocking To Islam.‏

    :salam2: :ma::ma::ma::ma: As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. Britain's High Class Are Flocking to Islam. Authentic research has shown that over 14,000 Brits have converted to Islam after having lost hope in the style of life the West is offering. ‘Amongst the...
  17. fatima1994

    Punishments of the Grave [Video]

    :salam2: Hope everyone's in the best of health. Ya'Allah have mercy on us all.:tti_sister: :wasalam:
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    China vows to continue supporting Pakistan

    :salam2: ISLAMABAD: China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) deputy head has reiterated Beijing’s support for Pakistan and appreciated Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and violent extremism. Talking to Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Tariq Majid at the Joint...
  19. fatima1994

    More political killings in Karachi, Pakistan

    :salam2: Five bullet-riddled bodies have been found in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, police say. The killings on Sunday appear to be part of a renewed war among rival political factions, they say. At least 31 people have died in targeted killings since 1 January when the...
  20. fatima1994

    Describe the person above you in one word!

    :salam2: Just simple game not any intention of offending anyone:D The rules are simple the next poster will describe the user above them in one word or if u want it can be 10 words too or 100 :lol: Just nothing offensive PLEASE! Just meant for fun:D P.S If u dont know the user above you...