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  1. lostlilly07

    What happen to my thread

    My thread about invisible children was deleted from the g.discussion section.
  2. lostlilly07

    Changing careers

    As-salaamu Alaikum Has anyone changed careers? How old were you? Is there an age when it's too late to change careers? I am thinking of changing careers to become a midwife but I worry about family which is important to me and I don't want to put my career over my family. But I also want...
  3. lostlilly07

    Why am I not a Muslim to you?

    :salam2: I recently got into an embarrassing altercation with a " Muslim" because she refuse to give me salaams ( greeting) in a public setting. I ll try to keep it short but I don't know these people and when I extended the greeting to these two sisters neither commented and I...
  4. lostlilly07

    Are we obligated to support Muslim businesses?

    As-salaamu Alaikum, I am curious if people feel as though they are obligated to support Muslim businesses over Non-Muslim. I don't! My son has a so called "Muslim pediatrician" but out of 8 appts. ...we've never seen the Muslim pediatrician. So I plan to take my business elsewhere.
  5. lostlilly07

    trying to forgive

    :salam2: I am looking for islamic advice on how to forgive a former friend. Its been nearly four months since I've last seen her and I still find myself thinking about he r at least once a week. I've tried to forgive her and have also asked Allaah to guide me but I still have some resentment...
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    This wins best Photo of the press
  7. lostlilly07

    A great article-It had me pondering the purpose of my life

    As salaamu Alaikum I really wanted to share this article with TTI friends. I read it last night and since then I have been pondering about the direction my life is headed. Just to mention a few things from the article, the author talks about how after we die, only our children, good deeds and...
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    sit before sleeping

    :salam2: Ibn al-Qayyim: Sit for a short while before you sleep and do this … January 6, 2012 Leave a comment Imam Ibn al-Qayyim, Ar-Rooh, p. 79. Translated by Ahmed Abu Turaab @ Ibn al-Qayyim said, ‘Avoid those things that necessitate the...
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    To all the parents and grandparents

    As-salaamu Alaikum Everyone, This question is anyone really but how do my experience parents and grand parents, how do you instill the love of Allaah in your child's heart.
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    So how do u use black seed in your diet

    Salaam Alaikum everyone InshAllah I am going to try and post a picture of the black seed i have but until then How am I or you eat or incorporate black seed into your diet. Somebody once told me I needed to crush the black seed and mix in my food. is that true? whenever I get sick I...
  11. lostlilly07

    Qurans to Prisons

    In The Name of Allah, The beneficent, The Most Mericful Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkahathu Inshallah, my post will find everyone who reads it in good health and strong faith. Recently, I have come very aware of the much needed support that both brothers and sisters are needing...
  12. lostlilly07

    how to make the most of the last third of the night

    Salaam alaikum I want to start fully utilizing the last third of the night? should I be dhirking, making dua or making salaah.
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    a question about a hadith

    Salaam Alaikum I think I read somewhere that if a muslim invites you to an event you have to accept. is that a true hadith or is that me getting something confuse?
  14. lostlilly07

    A question about the U.S. banking system

    Salaam alaikum everyone Insh'allah I am trying to start saving money and this time I want to be serious about it. I have a plan and for the next few months steady income (insh'allah). do anybody know of a bank that does not practice ribaa on savings accounts. I have a checking account...
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    Bismiallah Ar-Rahmanir Raheem

    Salaam Alaikum everyone Please correct my transliteration spelling but I was wondering are we suppose to say this statment( the thread's title) before doing any action or just acts of worship. For example, I keep a journal/diary and i would like to write this statement at the heading of...
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    U deleted my thread...I need to know why

    Salaam Alaikum I posted a video or a thread title the : The Arrivals. It was deleted and I want to know WHY (I really am asking politely if can't tell) but i need to know so won't have further post deleted. Thanks...just PM please
  17. lostlilly07

    My dream: please read

    Salaam alaikum everyone I know that we should not discuss our bad dreams...but my dreams have me terrify to go out some days and sleep at nights. about a month ago..I had a series of dreams about me dying. I never died in any of my dreams but I was always close...they stop but two days ago I...
  18. lostlilly07

    Why don't the other Arab countries help

    Salaam Alaikum I am doing a presentation tomorrow on Palestinian and Israeli conflict and i am afraid that I might get asked why don't the other Arab or Muslim countries help Palestine? I am not really sure what to say because I don't why they don't help now. I read once that after...
  19. lostlilly07

    Take part in Earth Hour

    Salaam Alaikum I hope this reaches you all in good health and strong Faith. I recieved the message below in an email....I find it cool so I am going to take part insha'allah On Saturday, March 28, 2009, at 8:30 pm, I am taking part in Earth Hour - a global event in which millions of...
  20. lostlilly07

    Question: where all the christians

    Salaam alaikum I am just curious in this Palestinian and Zionist crisis where are the chrisitians. i have not heard any stories reporting on. I know the christian population is small but there is one. I am just curious can anybody answer my question. I don't expect them to help Palestinians...