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  1. zainali

    Are we just happy in our lifes ??????? this is very sad video and after seeing it feels really sad that we muslims are just happy in our own small world , less care about our muslim sisters n brothers , i really pray from bottom of my heart that may allah swt help our sisters n brothers...
  2. zainali

    really sad !!!

    Assalamualikum, really sad to see how money is being spend like this , around 15 million dollars have been spend in this , just imagine what it means to poor people who are in need for it , what it would mean to people in Syria , Palestinian etc...
  3. zainali

    Wish i could !!!

    wish i could ask allah swt for death , wish i could ask allah swt to take away this pain and give me death , wish i could ask allah swt to take me from this world as its becoming difficult day by day , wish i could do something about it , wish i could !!!!!!
  4. zainali

    surely Allah tests you in every situation !!!!!

    assalamualikum to all , i hope and wish all are in the best state of imaan , allah swt does tests our imaan in all the conditions , my sis was expecting and we were so happy alhamdulillah but allah swt had some other plans and the baby coudnt make it (Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un) , may...
  5. zainali


    Assalamualikum, i just want to request to kindly make dua for my sister . jazakhallah.
  6. zainali

    shawal fasting benefits

    Abu Ayyub al-Ansari radhiallaahu 'anhu narrated, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said, "Whoever fasted Ramadan with the then connect with the (fasting) six days in Shawwal, the (reward) as he was fasting for a year." (Narrated by Muslim). Imam Ahmad and an-Nisaa'i, Tsauban...
  7. zainali

    my umrah experience

    assalamualikum i hope everybody is doing well by allah's grace , last ramdan during last ten days i got the opportunity alhamdulillah summa alhamdulillah to visit mecca and madina , alhamdulillah it was the best experience in the whole world i cant explain you guys how it was just out of this...
  8. zainali

    Really nice video !!!!!

    assalamualikum to all , here is a really nice video to learn from , inshallah i hope u all will like it ...
  9. zainali

    brother hood !!!!

    assalamualikum after seeing whats been happening in Eygpt and as it looks that muabrak's days are numbered , now media is all over muslim brother hood and to make it look as a political party which when comes will make living of people a hell , may allah swt bring peace and happiness to...
  10. zainali


    lets pray and ask allah swt to make us a better muslim each and every day ameen
  11. zainali


    assalamualikum everybody , here is something for our sisters .
  12. zainali

    kindly make dua please

    assalamualikum everybody , i have a request , my father is not well please kindly pray for him , i would be really thankful to you all , jazakhallah khair .
  13. zainali

    something to inspire !!!!

    assalamualikum here is imagies that will inspire us to thank allah swt more , we at times when we dont have solutions to some problems we start cursing our life and say what is this our life , always there are problems and problems , some one said if we have problems in life , look to...
  14. zainali


    assalamualikum to every body , this is my last msg on tti , i would like to thank each and every person on tti for making my journey wonderful by making me gain so much of knowledge of islam alhamdulillah , there were times when i needed dua's and alhamdulillah all brother and sisters made...
  15. zainali

    husband and wife relationship ???

    assalamualikum to all today in the morning i was reading an article where a husband has beaten his wife to death and after reading i really cant understand how can some one go so low and beat there wife ?? leave alone beating her to death , husband and wife's relationship is so...
  16. zainali

    something came in my mind ........

    assalamualikum to all my brothers and sisters , few lines that came in my head , so i thought to pen them down and post on tti oh allah your the one i worship , oh allah your the one whom i ask for help when im in disstress and in happiness , oh allah your the one who makes things...
  17. zainali

    do u feel loneliness ????

    assalamualikum hope all brothers and sisters are doing well inshallah , here is something that i wanted to say and here it goes ... really loneliness is such a diseases it really eats u inside out , lately i have been the victim of it and it feel so sadning, so emptiness in ur heart ...
  18. zainali

    why is it so difficult ????

    assalamualikum brother and sisters , i just wanted to share something , why is it difficult for us humans to forget some one , some one who has been spl in our life , specially some one who has been with when u had islamic discussion , some who guided u to islam and made u more strong in...
  19. zainali

    peace of mind

    assalamualikum brothers and sisters i hope all are doing well inshallah , im posting this thread just cos i was getting this feeling that what is that humans are looking for in life , is it money ? is it big house ? it is high status ? or is it peace of mind , a calmness , a senses...
  20. zainali

    really sad

    assalamualikum plzzz pray for a friend of mine who is in prbms .........