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    My Dream

    :salam2: I'm a guy in my teens. I always wanted to become a scholar/da'ee (or a part-time scholar).. something along the lines of having another another occupation (perhaps something related to the medical field) and at the same time studying about Fiqh, giving Dawah etc etc. Maybe something...
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    Two Accounts

    Assalamu Aleikum, I was unaware that I had two accounts, one is this Dr.Khan and another is 6 x Afridi. Can you please merge the two together, retaining the username Dr.Khan and taking the date I joined from the 6 x Afridi account? I apologize in advance!
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    The Shia

    Asalamu Aleikum Brothers and Sisters, take heed to these words! The Shia are fast in spreading their false doctrine. Many people are converting to this sect rather than following the true way of Islam. We as Muslims must give more Dawah to people. We must be ready to face a Shia in...
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    Help against Shi'ite beliefs - Debate

    :salam2: This is what the person wrote when i reminded him that Ali RA named his children after the first three Khalifa. First of all its not the names that make you bad its the character. If Imam Ali named someone Abu bakr, Umar, Usman it...
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    Fundamental Shi'ite Beliefs

    The belief of Al-Bada' which the Shia believe in Al-Bada' means to appear after having been hidden. It also refers to the birth of a new opinion. Ar-Rayan b. as Sult said: 'I heard ar-Ridha saying: "Allah has not sent a prophet but to forbid intoxicants and affirm the belief of al-bada' for...
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    Making Dua

    :salam2: When making Dua, can you ask Allah for a good height, good looks etc etc? or are these materialistic desires that you cannot/shouldn't ask Allah for?
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    :salam2: I'm glad I have found this forum.. it has some very interesting topics and helpful people. Now, my friend who is an Ahmadiyya is very interested in converting to Islam. I have stated a lot of things about Ahmadiyyaism that have questioned his belief. Is there anything I should tell...