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  1. Abdul-Raheem

    post ur PET

    Amigo the Cat :salam2: He was nameless for a day or two because we couldn't think of a name then my little sister started calling him Amigo so it stuck.
  2. Abdul-Raheem

    TheSecret Behind the Last Prophet's Name (PBUH)

    I dunno, using the human form to construct one of the names of the Prophet :saw: seems a bit iffy if I think. Correct me if I'm wrong brother. wsalam
  3. Abdul-Raheem

    TheSecret Behind the Last Prophet's Name (PBUH)

    :salam2: I dunno, I think there's something wrong about this whole thing. wsalam
  4. Abdul-Raheem

    SUBHANALLAH [Chameleon changed colors]

    Sorry to be the one to point it out but it's fake. Chameleons can change colour but not to the extent shown in that video LoL. It's just a bit of technical fakery :tongue:
  5. Abdul-Raheem

    Pulled my Kufi off........

    Seriously brother, you should stop hyping so much. He pulled your Kufi - okay; if it really meant that much to you - you should have done something about it there and then (not that I'm encouraging any violence) but the moment has passed. It's pretty silly of you ranting and raving about it now...
  6. Abdul-Raheem

    You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

    :salam2: I remember reading that interview of the Somali pirates quoted in the original thread. I'm still a little confused about the whole thing though. Like it states in the OP, originally most piracy was as a response to fishermen just responding to foreign nations plundering their natural...
  7. Abdul-Raheem

    Beauty/Looks are important?

    In essence, looks are not important in the sense that beauty is only skin deep. However, take a look at the world around us and how physical perceptions of beauty influence so much around us. In that sense, yes - beauty is important (to the majority of people anyway) otherwise it would not be...
  8. Abdul-Raheem

    School bans Muslim mother from parents' evening for wearing veil

    :salam2: It's a shame but hardly suprising is it? Considering that it's a non-muslim country and they have various security and safety regulations to adhere to, they're well within their rights to refuse even though there's always room for discretion considering that the sister did offer to...
  9. Abdul-Raheem

    Tranquil Madina

    :salam2: Pleasantly suprised to see this thread popping up again :) - its been almost 3 years since I posted this and alhamdullilah, I've had the chance to go back to Madina since then and I've taken lots and lots of pictures lol. Inshallah I'll post a selection once I get some time. wsalam
  10. Abdul-Raheem

    Leonardo DiCaprio may turn Jewish for Bar Refaeli

    I don't even know why people consider this newsworthy. This is of no interest or benefit to anyone really. I find it just as irritating when 'celebrities' convert to Islam and people get their knickers in a twist. Not saying that it isn't good news, it's just that thousands convert each year and...
  11. Abdul-Raheem

    "Who quoted me?"

    :salam2: Just a suggestion for our beloved admin :hearts: Would it be possible to incorporate a 'who quoted me?' panel into TTI cos that would be really useful as it gets a little tricky sometimes responding to everyone. wsalam
  12. Abdul-Raheem

    Saudi king dismisses 2 powerful religious figures

    It's not as simple as you make out Brother - there are so many different facets to this whole issue - sometimes making it hard to distinguish where one problem ends and the other begins.
  13. Abdul-Raheem

    Jehova's folks shov their flyers but refuse to take mine

    Would you mind toning down the font a little Brother - would love to go through your posts properly but some of the formatting is very awkard - especially in the first post :redface: :jazaak:
  14. Abdul-Raheem

    Transfer of buddy list

    What's up with these tags you've 'hilariously' decided to put up? Is it visible to everyone or just me?
  15. Abdul-Raheem

    Transfer of buddy list

    And you're still not funny - at least one thing hasn't changed :p
  16. Abdul-Raheem

    Transfer of buddy list

    :salam2: The sites changed quite a bit since the last time I was about and I've noticed all these new little features. I was wondering if there was a way to transfer the old buddy list onto this new friends system because they both seem to be running side by side but the former doesn't seem to...
  17. Abdul-Raheem

    ~Describe TTI in one word~

    On occasions, yeah it can be but there was a time not long ago when it was 'rewarding'. There you go - you got my adjective
  18. Abdul-Raheem

    Queen Rania Of Jordan

    :salam2: I agree 100% sister. The 'question' facing Muslims nowadays is- "you're either a moderate or an extremist" which is a false dilemma in itself......
  19. Abdul-Raheem

    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    :salam2: It seems like a lifetime ago but I joined on Wednesday 19th October 2006. wasalam
  20. Abdul-Raheem

    Hallo everyone!

    Welcome to TTI man!! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here... :SMILY206: Take care!