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  1. khalid85

    My Recitation - Sorat Al Maoon (English translation included)

    Al salam alykom, I hope you are all enjoying a good health and good life. This is my recitation of Surat Almaoon. I hope you like it. If any comments please feel free to give me to improve my recitation or recording. Download from 4shared...
  2. khalid85

    Surat Alsajdah - My Recitation

    Alsalam Alukom bros and sisters, How are you all? I hope every body is fine. I am sorry I have not uploaded anything for the last 6 months i was abit busy. May Allah make us busy worshipping him swt. This is a new recitation by my self from Surat Ahijr verses 1 -48. Please listen to the...
  3. khalid85

    New Recitation - Surat Aljomoa (الجمــعة)

    Salam Alykom bros & sisters, Hows everybody? I hope everyone is in good health. This is a new recitation by me of Surat 'Aljomoa' which means (The Friday). I hope you like it Insha'Allah. I recited the Surah similar to my previous recitation of Surat Alhasher. If you prefer my recitation...
  4. khalid85

    Recitation by me from (Surat Al emran)

    Salam brothers and sisters, As I promised some of you that I will do another recitation and consider the kind of effects used.. this is a recitation from surat alemran. Hope you like it inshallah.. listen from HERE. If you have any commets or advice for me to improve my recitation...
  5. khalid85

    Recitation by me (Surah al-hasher)

    :salam2: Brothers and sisters, this is a recitation by me reciting surah al-fatiha & al-hasher. Inshalla you like it. Click Here Make du'aa for me please :) ws Khalid
  6. khalid85

    Listen to this unbelievable Afghani recitation imitating many well known Shieks

    Salam Alykom sorry about this long title .. my friend sent me this beautiful recitation of an Afghani guy who imitates very well-known Shieks such as Alsedees in Makkah Mashallah to listen to the recitation Right Click here and Save As ^^ hope you like it.. ws
  7. khalid85

    Guys I need help with the personal recorder 'LivePVR' software

    Alsalam alykom brothers and sisters, Software Name: LivePVR I have been desperately looking for this software, i could not even find the trail version of this software. I have actually found couple of versions but they had an expired certificate. Please any professional here can help me...
  8. khalid85

    Beautiful pictures of Makkah (Hajj 2006).. don't miss them

    Alsalam Alykom brothers and sisters, These two pictures were taken during Hajj period in Makkah in 2006 so thats last year. I saw them in one of the websites and thought to share them with you guys. they are very good to use as a bakground in your desktop. Picture 1 Picture 2...
  9. khalid85

    Listen to Me reading Quraan .. Hope you like it

    Listen to Me reciting Quraan .. Hope you like it Salam brothers and sisters, These verses from quran were read by me, i tried to make the reading like Abdul baset abdulsamad, dunno if you guys know this well known reader. anyways... i will leave you with the reading (Telawa)...
  10. khalid85

    Salam Alykom

    Salam Alykom brothers and sisters; I am new in here, I hope that i will find good friends in this forum, and be a good friend to you all inshalaah.. May Allah bless you all .. Ws