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  1. salapuddin35

    *!*!*!*!ographic film shown on Bangladesh airport screen

    Agence France-Presse First Posted 16:22:00 12/19/2010 Filed Under: *!*!*!*!ography DHAKA – Bangladeshi authorities have launched an investigation after a *!*!*!*!ographic film was aired on a large display screen at the country's main airport, a magistrate said Sunday. Hundreds of...
  2. salapuddin35

    I need advice regarding my new religion...

    Brother Im sure by reading this forum and researching in the internet you may find something valuable provided you know the keywords I myself have yet to go to a Masjid still learning the ropes don't be in a rush!
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    FIFA in the Middle-East???

    the OP has the same reaction that i got from another islamic forum about Qatar that will be hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid interesting.
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    Receive Books on Islam for free!

    i also received the free books paid a postal fee. :salah:
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    About Jumu'ah and Jammaat Prayers

    for question number 1 was able to download a khutbah mp3 file and i can only hear the imam reciting the al-fatihan and probably the other surah's from the quran the only thing i can hear from the congregation was the ameen still would really like to hear more about the khutbah probably one of...
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    Attention!!! Brothers and sisters from sub continent!!

    I used to work in a call center and yes we do use VOIP for customers who would like to call on a toll free number. but to say that a customer care agent can hear your conversation!? i dont believe it until i see or hear it from myself.
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    SaadImam gives dawah to N.O.I.

    oc22tcPJtAQ from dawahworks :lol:
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    What have you done with what you learnt?

    still learning will try to learn more!
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    Terrorism: The Origin of the Species

    I know for a fact that the united states encourage the jewish immigrant to build a state of israel within palestine except for the secretary of state who disagreed i think it was during the time of eisenhower or truman. Israel considers Palestine as the promise land from what i have heard at...
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    Must read, 50 Signs of the Day of Judgment!

    I'll probably be dead before Judgement day comes!
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    US Tax Dollars funding Mosques

    yep heard about the moonies they had this huge grand wedding back in the nineties. it was a headline in our country forgot why. tax money funding a mosque too good to be true!
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    : Saudi Arabia – Stop Rizana Nafeek’s execution

    maybe her goverment could come up with the blood money and instead of the death penalty settle for imprisonment.
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    how to calculate Prayer times manually!!!!

    i already got an email from they gave a list of accurate prayer times (so they say)that can be use every year.
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    Male dresscode

    It's the norm in my country to wear jeans and tshirts and you only wear slacks and leather shoes and long sleeves to a social event. as far as silk and gold are concern you could be referring to the chinese they love to wear those things. but for the native citizens i doubt you will be...
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    how to calculate Prayer times manually!!!!

    how does anyone do it!? explanation is a bit deep i dont get it?! does anyone have a much simpler explanation or is it really difficult to calculate. moonsigthing is not recommending the use of online prayer times including islamic
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    Memorising the 99 names

    i was listening to a lecture of Dr. bilal Philips and he said the 99 names of allah is a weak hadith downladed it from the online university but let me check his lectures again i could be wrong.
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    im from the Philippnes!
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    Help Yourself In Reading Quran (Arabic-English)

    thank you for the file very helpful and easy to understand :salah:
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    Michael Jackon yeah i believe he didn't convert.
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    Muslim kids website

    same here wish they could translate the website into english thanks for sharing.:salah: