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    [Video] Allah Is The Best - Malak Ghair Allah Enjoy
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    5 Years of Missed Prayer Dilemma

    Hi I hope everyone is doing well. I'll just get to it as there isn't any explanation. I put daily prayer behind me for the past a few years. I just started praying again and have been doing it on and off through out my duty years. How would I go about the duties I haven't accomplished...
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    The Deeper You Believe - The Harder The Life

    May Allah forgive me for my ignorance about such subject. I've always had been religious. Having been brought to USA at age of 15, brought some challenges to my life in the respect of being able to follow Islam. Of course being in a Islamic country is a blessing because of the things that...
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    Marrying Bahai Faith Girl - What's The Verdict With Marriage & Non Muslims

    Salam What's the verdict with marriage and non Muslims girls? Someone who does not want to convert even though she has been born and raised in a Muslim country. She believes in God.
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    Muslim student at Virginia Tech gave his life to save others,,30200-1261696,00.html What a brave man. May Allah be with him.