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  1. taxhonesty

    Death Education in public schools

    Public schools are teaching kids about death and suicide and encourage kids to kill themselves. What wonderful people they are. Not really. This is really disgusting.
  2. taxhonesty

    I saw an article where they how easy it is to make sarin gas.

    Salaam I saw I comment earlier that said the Syrian rebels couldn't have manufactured the gas it is too hard. Turns out one of the main ingredients is sodium flouride which is in the water here in the US that is pretty funny...
  3. taxhonesty

    I think this is a good thing

    This is interesting even though the lib tards writing it complaining about abortion clinics closing down at record rates. They are saying we can't kill children oh no what shall we do. What a bunch of Eugenicist pieces of trash.
  4. taxhonesty

    Sex ed for 5 year olds?

    Salaam I see that Syria and Israel/Palestinian Conflict is covered by other people. I wanted to start a different thread. The people that run the US government have to be a bunch of pedophiles. It is almost like a group of aliens came and took over the government and their values run...
  5. taxhonesty

    US military poll on Syria action

    I thought this was interesting gives me some hope if true.
  6. taxhonesty

    Does anyone care just wondering

    Salaam I can't keep dealing with this reams of I don't know what to call it anymore if I can't get people to just totally get it through your skulls the west are killers, terrorists, drug dealers, and mass murders and run the child kidnapping rings. Here is just one thing I don't know if...
  7. taxhonesty

    The greatest threat we will face in our life

    The greatest threat we will face our entire life is Government. Not disease, war, economic depressions, criminals or anything. It is documented fact that in the 20th century alone 262 million people were exterminated by government and I don't mean in wars. They line people up and machine gun...
  8. taxhonesty

    Ok I will risk it......It is almost that time of year again!

    Almost hunting season again and it is the busiest part of comp season depending on the competition and it is also tolerable weather to just go shoot at the rifle range again without my shirt being drenched in sweat. So any avid hunters, competitors or shooters here?
  9. taxhonesty

    Obama gets fascitoid militia

    salaam this is truly frightening
  10. taxhonesty

    'I'm having a very good crisis'

    salaam this article sickens me but so often the truth does.
  11. taxhonesty

    Death squad leader ‘was top CIA agent’

    salaam this story caught my eye
  12. taxhonesty

    a way to stop the globalized depression

  13. taxhonesty

    the real president obama

    salaam I thought I would post this.
  14. taxhonesty

    Holocaust Denied

    Salaam, I thought I would post this article.
  15. taxhonesty

    Top 5 Lies About Israel’s Assault on Gaza

    I thought I would post this. There is sort of an electronic Berlin wall about Israel's assault on Gaza. So here is a link to an interesting article.
  16. taxhonesty

    Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed
  17. taxhonesty

    The Danger of Keeping Robert Gates here is something interesting I found.
  18. taxhonesty

    Barky's First Choices

    here is that wonderful change.
  19. taxhonesty

    Your enemy, George Soros

    I thought I would post this about link to information about a true consumate finance oligarch.
  20. taxhonesty

    Obama’s Council On Foreign Relations Crew

    I thought I would post this article as well about who Obama's future controllers are going to be in the White House.