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    Assalamu 'alaikum from Indonesia :)

    selamat datang selamt selamt datang selamat bergabung,insyallah kita semua bersaudara.Amin
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    Hello from Texas :)

    welcome mybrothers welcome to my brother in Islam climate, I am from indonesia.sincerlyours for your family
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    A message to the whole world from the children of Gaza

    for freedom palestine as the Indonesian people are very concerned about the Palestinian issue, there is no effort except the prayer for us in Palestine poeple.Indonesia strongly supports Palestinian independence
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    we are from indonesia

    please info to me I Can we spread this website through facebook? please info.thanks
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    we are from indonesia

    assalamualaikum.wrbwbrkt I am very pleased to be joining this forum, hopefully people can join us islam brotherhood throughout the world.amin :astag: