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    :salam2: about cooking, in some masajid, there is iftar in certain days (monday and thursday). if the majsid buys food from restaurents, she can check the price that those restaurants charge and calculate her cost of cooking (cost of buying grocery), then offer rates to the masjid where she...
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    What's the biggie about age difference in marriages

    :salam2: i was wondering, what is the youngest age can a girl be to get married. i know puberty is the starting time. in other words, is it a bad idea to marry someone who is about (~12)? i know in a western mind that would be called "rape" ?!?!?!?!?! can any brother or father...
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    :salam2: if the sister knows how to do something in which she can sell (on ebay, retail store, or any other website or location). for example, making (sowing) babies clothes or anything that she is able to do and can sell. also, she can also buy and sell goods. buying things onsale...
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    Islam spread by the sword?

    :salam2: i need to do a presentation on this topic: misconcept that islam spread by the sword. any ideas and trusted links would be very help full. zazakomoalaho kair :salam2:
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    :salam2: welcome, welcome, great to have you with us you are right, "never too late" may Allah enter us to jannatul al-firdawsh, ameen
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    Salaam aleikum

    :salam2: good to have you with us and inshaalah, you'll enjoy your stay :salam2:
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    Hi Carolina welcome, happy to have you with us, please ask any questions you may have, don't worry about if you make any mistakes in writing in English, your english is very good. if you go to this website and go...
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    :salam2: zaina WELCOME I agree, this is a very nice website, very informative may Allah make everything easy for us and accept us to jannatul firdawse, ameen
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    Islam and Christianity

    Hi curious If you have not read the holly Quran, I would highly recommend you to read it. here is a link for free Quran My Allah show you the right path, Ameen
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    great to have you with us I hope that you enjoy your staying with us feel free to ask us any questions take care
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    website to learn arabic

    :salam2: where to find a nice website that teaches how to learn arabic for kids at beginning level and little advanced (to learn alphabet and to write and read) zazakomo Allaho kair
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    sufizm :salam2: I told two friends of mine that hamza yusuf teaches sufism but i was not sure. what is the evidence that hamza yusuf teaches sufism and what is sufism? zazakomo Allaho kair
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    New Member >Muslimh84<

    :salam2: marhaban, we all brothers and sisters happy to have you with us hope we learn from each other :salam2:
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    :salam2: Allaho akbar, ALLah is the greatest very happy to have you with us don't forget your dua for all of us :salam2:
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    :salam2: happy to have new brothers and sisters with us, welcome :salam2:
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    As-Salamu Aleykom

    :salam2: i think no one can really tell you what to do. I guess your choice is between your future husband and to be a doctor weight the two and see what is more important i would suggest that you do voluntary hours in hospital and see if you really like to be a doctor. then do...
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    welcome, happy to have you with us hope you enjoy your stay
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    I officially said Shahada last Sunday

    asalamo alaikom very happy to hear this good news alhamdulilah, may Allah make it easy for you don't forget us in your prayers asalamo alaikom
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    10th of moharam

    Asalamo alaikom The records of the Hadith bear ample testimony to the fact that fasting was a common religious practice among the pre-Islamic Arabs too, and they used to observe fast on the tenth of Muharram because it was on this very day that Allah saved Moses and his companions from the...
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    halal or haram

    :salam2: is spot currency exchange halal? (evidence) what are halal ways to earn one's risque through the internet? zazakom Allah kair :salam2: