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    *!*!*!*!ographic film shown on Bangladesh airport screen

    Agence France-Presse First Posted 16:22:00 12/19/2010 Filed Under: *!*!*!*!ography DHAKA – Bangladeshi authorities have launched an investigation after a *!*!*!*!ographic film was aired on a large display screen at the country's main airport, a magistrate said Sunday. Hundreds of...
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    SaadImam gives dawah to N.O.I.

    oc22tcPJtAQ from dawahworks :lol:
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    how to calculate Prayer times manually!!!!

    how does anyone do it!? explanation is a bit deep i dont get it?! does anyone have a much simpler explanation or is it really difficult to calculate. moonsigthing is not recommending the use of online prayer times including islamic
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    Michael Jackon

    did he converted to Islam before his death. i know for a fact that Jermaine converted to Islam.
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    Private Masjid

    Suppose i wanted to build my own Masjid in my Community do i need an approval from a scholar or an imam or somebody within Islam or is their a process besides getting a permit from the mayor or who has the authority to build a Masjid!?
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    Im new to this site planning to revert to islam kinda busy with work i enjoy listening to Bilal Philips