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    Journal of a new Muslim

    :salam2: Please help spread this message aqLaLlLi2ZA
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    Email to Louis Michel

    As you know, this guy today accused Hamas of being responsible for the massacre in Gaza. I've emailed him to protest. This is his email: [email protected] This is the text of the email I've written: Please protest. Spread...
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    Nigerian TTI memebers, please help.

    This is a big story that does not seem to get any proper coverage from the media. The number of muslims killed is over 300 !! No mention of terrorism there. May Allah (glorified He maybe) have mercy on the dead.
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    Tinkering with the Bible

    is STILL going on apparently ... this time with a touch of modernity
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    Interpal is under threat

    Please do what you can
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    Priests to face 'sex drive tests'

    See this when do you think the Catholic church will finally acknowledge that celibacy is against human nature ? "Then, We sent after them Our Messengers, and We sent 'Iesa (Jesus) - son of Maryam (Mary), and gave him the Injeel (Gospel). And We ordained in the hearts of those who followed...
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    Reality TV

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    Conversion to hindusism

    Apparently involves eating cow's dung !!! If you must be a polytheist, then at least cant they be vegetarians ?? Thanks Allah for being a Muslim.
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    The other kind of terrorism

    A very informative article. One of the best I've read ever. The website is generally excellent too. I'd recommend it for any one who is interested in the current financial crisis.
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    The mentally disabled bomber Sometimes I just don't know what to say ... Is this the Jihad that is meant to bring light to the world ?? Would they have done this to their brothers or sons ...
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    Islamic finance institutions unhurt by the credit crunch

    In Birmingham Post In The Times In Financial Times I'm preparing a bigger piece on this and it should be ready soon Insha'Allah. Allâh will destroy Ribâ (usury) and will give increase for Sadaqât (deeds of charity, alms, etc.) And Allâh likes not the disbelievers, sinners. Qura'an...
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    Islamic channels on the net

    Good site for those living in the west (Arabic speakers).
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    Galileo and Pope Benedict

    Now this is serious ... Why is it that these things are never headlines ??
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    Dawah centre in Africa

    nice video with small number of views ... masha'Allah ... hard workers with little publicity ... may Allah (glorified He may be) reward their efforts FQah3bg6C94
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    A church

    Now try imagining a mosque like this one and think about the media fenzy it will generate ... here you go ... a church built of HUMAN BONES
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    Shoora and Democracy: a comparative analysis

    From the website of Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris The site contains few good articles in Arabic & English What is shoora? Shoora comes from an Arabic word shara whose origi*!nal meaning, according to classical Arabic dictionaries was to extract honey from hives. The word then...
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    Deviated and anti-Islam sites

    not a good idea
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    How strong is this instinct ?

    Freaky! and Britain is killing 200,000 fetuses every year ! qij9J7M3k2c YSxITLjMx6M w2TrrlvbkEA fcL0D7dmoQk 2ZV51MF6G7w
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    Assalam aleekoom administrators I remember reading a fatwa that says it is disliked to write PBUH after the name of the prophet as an abbreviation, and that we should write the whole thing (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) ... same applies to (subhanaho wa ta'aala) .. etc. Can we...
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    Car insurance

    Apparently it is haram because it contains: 1. Riba (usury). You get more money for what you pay (or the opposite). 2. Gambling. but it is compulsory in the UK ... you just cant have a car without it and if you get caught driving uninsured you can go to jail. Do people know of any...