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  1. Muslimah_75

    The last touch...

    Salaamz! :D Awwwwwww thats a cute story lol. thanks for sharing Wasalaamz :D
  2. Muslimah_75

    Beautiful story of sabr & reward

    :tti_sister: May Allah reward you guys for being so patient :tti_sister:
  3. Muslimah_75

    Beautiful story of sabr & reward

    Salaamz That was so sad!!! :( May Allah reward him for being so patient. Wasalaam
  4. Muslimah_75

    In Need of Du'as Badly

    Wasalaam! :D I hope you do get a job inshaAllah. I'll make dua for you akhi Salaamz
  5. Muslimah_75

    Do not complain Be Thankful;

    Salaams! :D Very nice reminder. Thank you for sharing!!
  6. Muslimah_75

    just two steps away from Jannah!

    Wasalaam JazakAllahu khair
  7. Muslimah_75

    Going inside at Magrib?

    Walaykumusalaam!! :D:D Sister I heard that satans are out at maghrib time. I'm not sure though but thats what my mom always tell me :confused: I hope someone can answer this for you inshaAllah!! Salaams! :D
  8. Muslimah_75

    A cold breath of Jahannam

    Wow thats scary. May Allah protect us ameen.
  9. Muslimah_75


    Great story mashaAllah :D
  10. Muslimah_75

    The 4 Wives

    Wonderful story, I learned so much :D:D
  11. Muslimah_75

    ** The Clever Girl & the 2 pebbels **

    Very well! :D:D
  12. Muslimah_75

    Between X and O

    Salams! :D That was so cool!!! :D:D:D
  13. Muslimah_75

    Describe the person above you in one word!

    ^Lovely :D:D
  14. Muslimah_75

    Describe the person above you in one word!

    ^ She's taking on the world!! :eek: Haha :D:D
  15. Muslimah_75

    Not Fair!!

    You guys make me laugh!! :laughing-dancing: Wasalams!! :D:D
  16. Muslimah_75

    Describe the person above you in one word!

    ^ Funny!! :D :D
  17. Muslimah_75

    The Wife and The Window

    MashaAllah! :D B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! :D
  18. Muslimah_75

    ban burkas, niqabs in public

    :ma: That was so beautiful!
  19. Muslimah_75

    It's Friday - Don't forget

    Oh! JazakAllah for sharing ukhti! :) But ukhti if you can answer my questiom can we read part of it like during the morning or something and the rest later on? :( Because I have school and I will not have time to read it all at once :( Do you think so? Salams!! :D
  20. Muslimah_75

    The missed happiness .. did you find it ?

    MashaAllah ukhti! :D What a wonderful thread!! And after redaing it I'M HAPPY!!! :D:D:D May Allah bless you Ukhti!!! :)