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  1. blackivy393

    Muslim men looking for marriage ?

    when you guys (men) get married, will you want to adopt ???? does any guys out there have a desire for this ?
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    there is a religious sister who wears niqab,and was diagonosed with hsvII. is there anyone who knows brother searching with same condition ?
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    gaza,bible,quran,war, fighting

    well of course most people i think are still in there happy little worlds because they dont watch the news. but if anyone has been keeping up whats in the news... but since im always been a studier of religion, like anyone else most will know most end time prophecies are centered around the...
  4. blackivy393

    temporary marriage

    did prophet muhammad have temporary marriages? this shia person i know said he did and thats why they believe those are ok
  5. blackivy393

    has anyone noticed....?

    i was watching some of those muslim to christian conversion videos. but has anyone ever noticed they always have a person who lived in egypt or some where in the middle east all their lives but they have no accent? which makes me think they are fake or they dont know how to even pronounce simple...
  6. blackivy393

    who is excited about ramadan?

    i think all you know by now im not muslim lol. but im still fasting. this week might be a last whole week of eating whenever. who is excited about ramadan next week ? its starts next week right lol ?
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    ok well this is sort of few a things in one. i was talking to this guy and he was saying that only way muslims can really tell if a muslim women is married is if she wears niqab. also that niqab is in the hadith, so its recommended by God, is any of this true ?
  8. blackivy393

    reverted family members

    :tti_sister: hi i think it is so nice to hear about reverts to Islam and how some of their family members came to Islam after there reversion. please share some stories about how your family members reverted. :salah:
  9. blackivy393

    what is rape?

    * well it seems like many like to quote the statistics of rape here in the US, but rape, prostitution, child sex slaves, and P*** is very high in other places not just the western world. looking at the opinions of some, people think rape occurs when someone sees a hot girl or that they are not...
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    tax on christians and jews

    i heard before there was a tax put on christians and jews but i only heard it was done in order to encourage conversion to islam. does anyone know the reasoning Prophet Muhammad had behind this tax
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    Video Jewish Faiza becomes muslim

  12. blackivy393

    Video Maria became muslim by 1 conversation

  13. blackivy393

    ghosts and demons

    ok well i have another question; just out of curiousity its not happening to me thank God lol. but what if a house is being haunted by ghosts or demons or someone sees these; what is a islamic response to this sort of thing?
  14. blackivy393

    my day at the mosque

    well hey you guys, i went to the mosque. it was so nice!!!! i went with my friend from nursing school. i have muslim girl in my class who is muslim and wears hijab; she is a revert and has been for 2 years. but yea it was african american mosque meaning mostly african americans attended but...
  15. blackivy393

    i defended you guys today

    well i was at my mom house and she knows i have an interest in islam; but she told me to come see this women i cant remember what her name is but its the somalian women who stopped practicing islam and is basically offering a bias view of islam to americans in her book. and my mom was like yea...
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    Video Canadian girl revert

    Young Canadian girl tells here story to Islam uHsUoFialbY
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    Prophet Muhammad job ????

    i dont quite recall how many wives Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) had, but how did he earn money to support them all ?
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    well im talking to this guy in the possible interest of marriage, so he asked me what i would want for dowry? which is a question i would never get in a million years, i knew all about the wali part but not dowry? so what do people think about dowry? has anyone done this while getting married...
  19. blackivy393

    random question

    im a girl who is really into interior designing and all that. but if i was to convert and marry of course a muslim man i just realized guys cant wear silk, but is it haram for them to sleep on silk sheets? sorry if this sounds lik a crazy question
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    questions about islam

    ok well i just have a few questions and maybe people can post islamic link and than maybe explain in a few short sentences. because there are certain things that i know that are haram that are first seem extreme, but do have some rationality behind it. because when i first heard wearing...