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  1. najbc


    :salam2: Any advice as how a unmarried girl can find a good Muslim country with great university to study at and hopeful use her nursing degree at? I would appreciate of any list of universities/countries, oh and she doesn't speak arabic. :jazaak:
  2. najbc

    Seeking your wisdom and help

    :salam2: I was browsing around the internet trying to find a good website or place to read more about Islam other than the Quran however, I couldn’t find anything. I read the Quran and i don’t understanding the mean even I thought I read the English translation it does not feel same...
  3. najbc

    to all muslims

    i am proud muslim but i have question for all muslims. why do we muslims have to kill or threat anyone who questions islam or insult islam. i mean we have the quran that answers every question so why can we take action without doing any phyiscal harm. is anyone's life justice for what they...
  4. najbc

    need help with HAQ MEHER ASAP

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find what the quran says about HAQ MEHER and why it is being given. it is cultural thing or islamic. about it and whow it is given but i am tring to tech someone else what it is and mean and they want me to provide evidence from the quran or a hadith. ...
  5. najbc

    need help me

    I go to college, well now I am going to small campus and then I will transfer to the big campus and the big campus is really not safe, well the place I live is not safe. And my school is offer self- defense class for women and i really want to take it but the teachers are male. I know Allah...
  6. najbc

    any writers

    I am curious to know if there is anyone who is a writer in here. The funnies things, I love read and I never seen Muslim writers or their books, I live in American. There is the American writer she is the best writer ever, she use her book to spread or inspire to Christianity. What make her...
  7. najbc


    I want to know if revenge is ever justified your own opinion and in the Qurran. When someone kills someone else I know that they should be kill but is there any other thing to do other than killing them. I remember when I was 8 years old, this lady was kill because she had kill her husband and...
  8. najbc

    What Islam says about non-muslim guys?

    Assalamu alaykum, I am senior in High school. I have question, are we allow being friends or talking to non-Muslim guy. My junior I was transferred to new school and this guy was not Muslim help me out and this year we have class together and every time I am talking to him, my Muslim brothers...