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    How Pakistani authorities scoffing at Muslims!

    :salam2: I hope moderators allow this video to be watched. see what's in the end. NO COMMENT. XD5yM9OjcO8
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    Dagestan- Miracle Baby Boy

    Qur'anic verses have reportedly appeared on the body of a nine-month old boy named Ali from Dagestan. On the body of a just born baby in Dagestan appear Surahs from Quran! The very first word was Allah. Surahs appear every Monday and Friday and everytime new. The parents kept it in secret...
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    Что это? (Отец и сын)

    :salam2: великолепный короткий фильм Что это? (Отец и сын) bf27Kp1sEyc
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    Ask a Muslim Woman, if you want to be fair

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    French pool bars Muslim woman for 'burquini' suit

    By MARIA DANILOVA, Associated Press Writer Maria Danilova, Associated Press Writer PARIS – A Muslim woman garbed in a head-to-toe swimsuit — dubbed a "burquini" — may have opened a new chapter in France's tussle between religious practices and its stern secular code. Officials insisted...
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    Islam in Russia Российская Федерация

    :salam2: f8UZpH1bHgY Islam is the second largest religion in Russia, and is the religion of many ethnic minorities, as well as of many Slavic converts. Most of the ethnic Muslims are from the Middle Volga and Caucasus region. According to the last census in 2002, about 14.5 million, or...
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    Have you heard of this ?

    :salam2: Have you heard of this project of bringing Islam to every household through HUDA TV ? ------------- ------------- LIVE STREAMING>>> You can also watch this channel through satellite. :wasalam:
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    Humans Glow in Visible Light!!!!!

    The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal. Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive...
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    Mid.East Ignores China's Oppressed Muslims

    The fatal stabbing of an Egyptian Muslim woman in a German courtroom two weeks ago sparked anger across the Muslim world and fueled demands for a formal apology from Germany. But while the region rages about the story of the "headscarf martyr," holding her up as a symbol of persecution, the...
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    Compilation of Converts to Islam

    :salam2: GYG5Itot0Fs&feature
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    Saying "Good Luck"

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    Best Seerah Book ?

    :salam2: What is the best book for studying seerah? I remember someone talking about "the Sealed Nectar", is it the best book on this topic out there?
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    Ministers Convert to Islam (Dr. Jerald Dirks, former deacon))

    :salam2: Dr. Dirks is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. He holds a Master's degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver. Author of "The Cross and the Crescent: An Interfaith Dialogue between Christianity and...
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    Napoleon from 2pac's Outlawz talks Tupac, Hip-Hop and ISLAM

    :salam2: Napoleon from 2pac's Outlawz talks Tupac, Hip-Hop and ISLAM. In this episode of TheDeenShow Napoleon formerly from Tupac's Outlawz will be talking about his days with Tupac and the Hip Hop Industry and how he was living his life and then he will let us know why he accepted ISLAM...
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    Why Muslims can not wear "Nike" products?

    :salam2: Can someone explain why Muslims advised not to wear "Nike" products?
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    Free Rice! You can help feed the poor even if you have no money.

    :salam2: Brothers/sisters, By playing FREE educational games on this site the site arranges 10 grains of rice given to hungry/poor for each correct answer. You learn English vocabulary or other things and donations are distributed by the United Nations's World Food...
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    Study:Poverty fueling Muslim tension with West

    :salam2: By DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press Writer LONDON – Joblessness and poverty are a more potent source of tension between Muslims and wider European and U.S. society than religious differences, one of the first major studies of Muslim integration since the Sept. 11 terror attacks...
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    Most rediculous sufi "Zikrs"

    :salam2: I'm sure sufis did not start from such non-sense but slowly and surely shaytan led them away from Quran and Sunna (the way of the Prophet). Small innovations into religions snowball from generation to generation leading to such ludicrous practices as in links below. Don't forget...
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    «Что? Где? Когда?» Халиф Умар потряс знатоков

    :salam2: К интеллектуальному ристалищу присоединился житель Узбекистана Фарходбек Артиков, задавший вопрос по истории ислама, точнее достоверное предание из жизни праведного халифа Умара ибн Хаттаба. Знатокам нужно было за минуту обсуждения угадать мотив поступка мусульманского правителя...
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    Curing from the evil eye or witchcraft ?

    :salam2: Brothers/sisters, can someone provide info or give a link to a comprehensive site about curing a patient from the evil eye or witchcraft? Someone asked me for this, but I don't have much knowledge in this area. Your help is greatly appreciated. :wasalam: