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  1. Nazihah

    Kalimatan (two phrases)

    Llqqc0X0ArQ Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 78, Number 673 Narrated by Abu Huraira: Allaah's Apostle said:- 'There are two phrases which are beloved of the Most Merciful, light on the tongue, yet heavy on the scales (of reward): "Glory be to Allaah and all Praise to Him", "Glory be to Allaah...
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    My Only Wish!

    My Only Wish..- [Youtube] y-_A2ReZddc (the audio is from Sami Yusuf's Nasheed) "All your armies, all your fighters All your tanks, and all your soldiers Against a boy holding a stone Standing there all alone In his eyes I see the sun In his smile I see the moon And I wonder, I...
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    How to deal with sinful families?

    What can a woman do, if her family are obstructing her path to Islam. They are non-Practicing Muslims. How does she fulfill sunnat ir rahim and follow Islam if there is a great deal of difficulty in doing so. Can a sister just break ties, live on her own and try to get closer to Allah. It is...
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    Focus on Gaza (Shaykh Muhammad Salah)

    Ask Huda: Focus on Gaza (Shaykh Muhammad Salah) dRe_M0YlUEw
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    UNCENSORED Footage- Palestine Now

    :salam2: I'm not sure if the below video is allowed here. But definitely not for the faint- hearted. It is a footage of bodies lying around and many injured in Palestine. Please remove this video if it is inappropriate. The video at youtube has already been flagged and soon might be deleted. If...
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    Our Sister...

    Assalamualaikum, InshaAllah, I hope everyone is in good health and in the highest of Eeman. I would just like a request of dua for our Sister here at TTI. She is unwell, and that she's having a bad infection and might go through surgery. For now she's taking pain killers. Please make dua for...
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    IJS: Cry me a RIBAA

    :salam2:, InshaAllah, I hope everyone is doing well. Here's a video I would like everyone to watch, inshaAllah. A short video with great simple explanation on interest (ribaa). IJS: Cry me a RIBAA (a simple chat on interest) ig0EjFBG4vQ "O ye who believe! fear Allah and give up what...
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    A Massive Islam Campaign 2008- Youtube

    KxdlPaKCo3o May Allah s.w.t grant the highest level of Jannah to the Brothers and Sisters who have contributed to this video.
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    Issue on Madh'hab

    Clarification on which madh'hab to follow: Shaykh Hussein Yee il8VIGRnneA Shaykh Bilal Philips nm1k1JNsNJY inT5thSQrZk
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    Last Sermon

    Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad :saw:. 0LXmiP_Ue1E
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    You may get off track sometimes

    Vv__gRQSY6c Great reminder from the Brother. May Allah s.w.t grant him the highest level of Jannah. Ameen
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    Arundhati Roy on the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

  13. Nazihah

    Paradise on Earth

    :salam2: Paradise on Earth by Murtaza Khan HuTVM0hJ4qs May Allah s.w.t help us in striving the best (righteous deeds) in this life to attain the best in the hereafter (Jannah). Ameen
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    The Muslim's 25 rules for life

    :salam2: The Muslim's 25 rules for life 1. Start off each day with 'adhkaar al-istiyqaadh' (waking up Supplications) thanking Allah for waking up in good shape. 2. Put Allah first in your life. 3. Broaden your horizons - learn 5 new verses from the Quran every day, travel to pray...
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    Religion is not mentioned??

    Mother charged in grisly deaths of her four children Now, the religion is not mentioned.
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    Watching this, is just killing me..... I can't stand it no more. The fabricated audio from US Navy weYMGMDDlsU Another if the above video is not working: 0qHHAUuey5A The actual video from Iran (IRGC) ZJC-lkxl9D8 And he's trying to look innocent face. 93m5t6wkEFk THE TRUTH IS SO...
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    Reliable source

    :salam2: all, Something to share with you all. I've just went through youtube and heard from this lady 'Amy Goodman'. Its the first for me to hear something intelligent coming from the news. Not someone who's biased. Well, here's the website: Check it out all...
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    What Happened When I Was Visiting The GraveYard

    Maly Waqaft Ala Alqoboor (What Happened When I Was Visiting The GraveYard) By Mesharri Al-Affassi r_yoiCj575o -:Translation:- What Happened ?? I Stood By The Graves Saying : May Peace Be Upon You .. My Beloved's Grave ,, But No Answer !! Oh My Beloved What's Wrong With You ?? Why...
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    Logging out..

    :salam2: I can't seem to log out myself from this site. I clicked the log out button, but then it just so called "refreshes" itself back. That means I'm still logged in. Help needed here please. :SMILY176:
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    Deviation of the Ummah

    Deviation of the Ummah - Past & Present - Bilal Philips FdixLS_YPYY