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  1. kubra_2002

    Muslim Names Game

    :salam2: Rahima
  2. kubra_2002

    Accept my leave

    Amiiiiiiiiiin Aminnnnnn..:tti_sister::tti_sister::tti_sister::tti_sister:may Allah accept your and our du'aa inshallah.
  3. kubra_2002

    Accept my leave

    Mashallah :salam2: jzk brother for sharing..very touching, I wish to marry this type man inshallah and raise mujahideen children who will stand for this Deen.
  4. kubra_2002

    Planning to get married in 2011?

    Mashallah! :salam2: I am planing by 2012 inshallah, but who knows Allah is the best planner, if He bless me with right brother this year aka 2011, why not. I will go for it. Aslama Aleikum
  5. kubra_2002

    "Yatim" - Short rhyming poem.

    wow :salam2: brother mashallah amezing poem..what can I say. Wallahi I love orphan and these poem made me increase for orphan. jzk keyran for sharing wiht us
  6. kubra_2002

    Haasabu Anfusakum Qabla an Tuhaasabu!

    mashallah :salam2: jzk keyran for sharing
  7. kubra_2002

    *Sweet as Honey* getting married!!

    WasSalamu 'Alaykum[/B]loll//kkkkkkkkkkk I know Right????? Inshallah our sister sakeena I will be in my du'aa sorry I don know much abt this topic so can't give u better advice...
  8. kubra_2002

    *** YOU CAME TO ME***

    mashallah :salam2: sisters and what can I say..well said sis..May Allah beless you and your family. amezing and touching. Jzk keyran for sharing wiht us
  9. kubra_2002

    How long do you sleep?

    I sleep 7 to 8, there times I sleep 4 to 5 but thats rare. yea alhamdulillah, but I wish I can be one those who sleep less and do worship Allah for rest of the night:salah:. Qumi leyla illa qalilaa. may Allah make one of those inshallah..amin:tti_sister::tti_sister:
  10. kubra_2002


    mashallah sister,well analyzed, I could't agree more, only Allah knows how many drops will fall each place on earth. Allah said " wamaa utitum minal ilmii illa qalila" we are only given little bit of the knowledge. Allah knows best
  11. kubra_2002

    Forgive me

    hey hatuu, asiraa argatee nati ergitee mii?? mashallah jzk keyrann uhkti..mucaa kankee..:salah:
  12. kubra_2002

    Forgive me

    mashallah this amezing, may Allah gran you and your family the highest Jannah and all muslimeen. I love it, it really touched my heart!!
  13. kubra_2002

    Why your name?

    I am belessed to call have as muslim brother..but are you sure you weren't 7 when you sing up for
  14. kubra_2002

    Why your name?

    Kubra is my real name and 2002 is the year I left my Homeland Ethiopia but I am not Ethiopian I am Oromo
  15. kubra_2002

    the picture that killed my heart.....

    Alhamdulillah :salam2: thanks brother for sharing this wiht us..wallahi its amezing, Allah bellesd us with so much we shooud be thankful for what we have.
  16. kubra_2002

    Dedicated to those facing hardships

    wow :salam2:brothers aand sisters..what a poem..sister mashallah you're amezing..we need sister like you..may Allah beless you wiht Iman and Iklaas..:tti_sister: jzk for sharing
  17. kubra_2002

    Fun facts about human body.

    :salam2: brothers and funny.." a 4 year old ask over 400 question per day" wow that baby must be talktive for sharing sis
  18. kubra_2002

    Question, Question, QUestion..........ATTENTION lol

    as wr wb.. :salam2: brothers and sisters..I want to make only one have more knowledge than I do..but as Allah said" wama utitum minal Ilmi illa qalila" yes there 4 sunna before asir prayer. prophet(saw) said whomever pray 4 rakat of sunna before asir may Allah have His mercy on...
  19. kubra_2002

    What three things you regret not learning to do?

    wow :salam2: brothers and sisters not learning alots of Hadith not being able to pary salaatu Layli:salah:( just cuz i am lazy) not going to masjid often ( I only goto masjid on weekend, but i wanna to go 3 or 4 days a week) may Allah make things easy for us...
  20. kubra_2002

    There is no time now to relax

    :salam2: Mashallah..I loved it..amazing and true..may Allah give you the highest Janna and Iman..jzk for sharing. Allah's Oneness to all we proclaim We seek neither wealth nor any fame Allah's Pleasure is our only aim